Russians to save morons

July 4th, 2006  

Topic: Russians to save morons

The Russian nuclear icebreaker Yamal is to join a rescue operation in the North Pole. The Yamal crew will rescue two members of an American expedition who planned to conquer the North Pole in an unprecedented summer-time expedition, sources in the Murmansk Sea Shipping Company told Interfax.

Lonnie Dupre and Eric Larsen started their journey from Canada in early May, but they failed to take all the difficulties of the endeavor into account. One of them fell so seriously ill that the two had to seek aid, company spokesman Vladimir Blinov said.

“Viktor Boyarsky, a well-known Russian traveler and director of the Arctic and Antarctic Museum in St.Petersburg, responded to the call and got in touch with our company, which is wrapping up preparations for the nuclear powered charter liner Yamal’s journey,” Blinov said.

The Yamal left Murmansk on Sunday and is expected to reach the North Pole on July 8, he said. The rescue operation has been negotiated with the Russian Foreign Ministry. “It is not the first time Murmansk crews come to the rescue of foreign travelers — individual trekkers and crews — in the Arctic,” said Blinov
July 4th, 2006  
Those American expeditions are embarrassed to our country. But thanks to Russian to save their lives. I guess.
July 5th, 2006  
Well, all I can say is this. Leave the cold weather crap to the Russians. They live in the stuff. We just get it every couple of months. At least those two morons got saved.
July 10th, 2006  
Well the Russians are useful for some things, right?
July 10th, 2006  
Italian Guy
They can't save their own men, they saved ours.
July 12th, 2006  
Rob Henderson
...Perhaps a different attitude here...Thanks Viktor.
July 13th, 2006  
Dupre... Wonder if the guy's from down south That's generally a French/Acadian French name.

Well, all I can say is... thank the Russkies, what the heck were these guys thinking?

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