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February 17th, 2013  

Topic: Russian nuclear subs

Just found some interesting pics online, this group of Russian journalists went to visit a Russian Northern Fleet submarine base. Theyw ere shown a couple subs and a submariner training centre.

First, the underwater missile cruiser "Karelia"

As they approached, first thing the reporters saw at the entrance gangway was an armed crewman

In fact, they said sailors with AKs stood guard at the gangways of every submarine. Tight security is understandable: these subs are dangerous weapons, each carries 16 nuclear-armed ICBMs aboard. No joking matter.

As they move inside, they see the Central Post

Equipment is a mishmash of old and new, as usually is on Russian subs

Only in the Russian Navy, telephones that say on them: "Engaging in secret communications is forbidden"

lol Why it also says "tennis" at the bottom, I have no idea...

Fire suppressing system

Emergency equipment

Stretcher next to door to the medical room (sick bay)

Crew quarters range from 2-bunk

to 6-bunk
[ame=""]6-bunk quarters on "Karelia" - YouTube[/ame]

A crewman shows off his quarters

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February 17th, 2013  
Crew lounge

You can see a portrait of Putin on the wall. A crewman proudly told the journalists Putin had personally sailed with them on this sub a few years back.

Sub's model in the lounge

The other group of journalists went to attack submarine "Pantera"

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February 17th, 2013  
Training centre

More here:

Interesting new uniform of the submariners. Used to be, they wore same uniforms as regular Navy sailors

apparently not anymore.
March 23rd, 2013  
cool stuff, reminds me of scenes from Hunt for Red October
March 25th, 2013  
Originally Posted by SHARKBITEATTACK
cool stuff, reminds me of scenes from Hunt for Red October
Only, without Sean Connery lol

Russian Submarine fleet is probably the best of its current military forces, in terms of combat readiness. It is the only branch that is entirely free of conscripts: only professionals serve aboard Russian submarines, by contract. My uncle, as I said before, was a submariner in Russia, died on the Kursk back in 2000.

But, a lot of things seem to have changed since then. New subs are being built, whole new classes:


(nuclear missile carrier, 16 ICBMs, here on next to a Typhoon, the class these are supposed to replace)


(fast attack subs)


(also attack subs)

Also, life aboard submarines is more comfortable now. Many larger subs have on-board saunas and swimming pools now!
That's not a hotel, that's underwater nuclear missile cruiser Chelyabinsk

March 25th, 2013  
And at, for example, Russia's large submarine base, "Kamchatka", they have a fitness center
a billiard/pool room
and an ice arena
where amateur hockey teams made up of crewmen and officers
and even their sons
take each other on, in their spare time.

At the time these pics were taken, the "Ocean" aqua-park and entertainment center for the submariners and their families was still unfinished
it includes aquatic facilities, pools, slides and such
(which, I heard, later became very popular with the children of the base, when were opened up [this album is from 2011]); and a bowling alley

Nice being a submariner in Russia these days... My cousin, the son of the uncle who died on the Kursk is himself serving on a sub now, at that same base, Kamchatka, and has extended his contract. It seems Putin has kept his word. The Fleet is doing well
February 3rd, 2016  

Topic: Kursk

Fabulous pictures. Thank you for posting them. I've always been fascinated by Russian submarines. Also, sorry to hear about the Kursk situation with your family. That was a terrible tragedy! I was serving aboard the USS Topeka at that time. Our Captain came over the announcing circuit and told us about the Kursk sinking. Our crew was shocked and saddened by this. We all said a prayer together for those unfortunate sailors. I can tell you honestly that despite the rivalry between the Russian and U.S. Navy, a common bond exists between all submariners...regardless of nationality. We all share a common struggle against the dangers of the sea. Thanks again for the pics!

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