Russian missiles for Syria – a great danger !!!

May 11th, 2013  

Topic: Russian missiles for Syria – a great danger !!!

Israeli experts say that if the plan to sell Russian S-300 missiles to Syria is performed , Assad will be able to neutralize Israeli air activity inside Israel.

In the past , Israel succeeded to prevent the sale of the advanced missiles. Now the subject is being discussed again .

The missile, one of the most advanced ones used by the Russian army, can neutralize airplanes at a distance of several tens of kilometers, with high precision, thanks to a sophisticated radar system combined with special sensors on the missile itself.

The S-300 missile is effective at ranges of several tens of kilometers, and according to experts it is capable to overcome part of the defense systems installed at present on board the Israeli Airforce fighter jets.

“This missile is a system with greatest capabilities. It can be a problem for any attacking aircraft ”, said an expert this week.

The missile system can handle simultaneously several targets and send towards them missiles from a launcher according to the perceived level of threat from each of the targets.

Each S-300 missile is 7 meters long and weighs 1.5 tons. The missile is armed with a most lethal warhead weighing more than 70 kg. The missile is effective in ranges up to 150 km and at the height of up to 30 km.

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