Russian 125mm sabot export

February 9th, 2010  

Topic: Russian 125mm sabot export

Most countries with Russian armour only seem to have BM-15 or local copies. Some have BM-42 though might be sourced from Ukraine as seems if you have a T-80 derivative you have BM-42.
Nobody has anything better that I can tell anybody know diffrent?
Sort of means running into an RPG 29 or its equivalent is much more dangerous than a T-72
Have not checked Iraq but guessing thats all they had so even if they could have hit wouldnt do much on frontal aspect.
September 21st, 2010  

Topic: Re: Russian 125mm sabot export

I google'd "russian 125mm sabot" and got bunches of hits. URL; __ Specs __ History __ General Info

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