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August 10th, 2007  
The Other Guy
however the only thing similar to the old B-52 and the current model is the shape.
August 10th, 2007  
Originally Posted by The Other Guy
And yet we countinue to treat Russia as no threat.

What plane was it? an old Tu-90 perhaps? a Tu-160?
And this is correct - Russia is not a threat. And will not be for a long time...

As long as it takes her revenue from selling us oil and gas, it can't be a threat.
All their newly acquired might is coming out of this trade of selling of their natural resources.
And most of the money we pay for this oil and gas are coming back to us in the form of payments for all the Russian imports - cars, computers, cell phones, wines and whisky, etc.
Their ruble is too strong to make their export competitive(even if their merchandise is good enough, but it isn't).
Technically, they have enough money to rebuild their weapons stockpile, but for what?

Add to this their demographic troubles - they are losing from 700K to 1M population per year...

One Governor has announced a "Conception Day" in his province - a holiday when the citizenry is supposed to procreate, instead of working.
Sounds silly, but it is how it is...
August 10th, 2007  
The Other Guy
The Day of Sex. Interesting.
August 10th, 2007  
Originally Posted by The Other Guy
The Day of Sex. Interesting.
Not just Sex, but Procreation!
No condoms allowed
August 10th, 2007  
Originally Posted by The Other Guy
gad, that thing's ancient.
The Tu 95 is Iconic, don't drag it's name through the dirt. Like in WW ll , the B 17 was outdated by the end of the war. And wasn't pressurized. In fact, it's performance lacked compared to other U.S. bombers, and it also had a high casualty rate.

But in the crews that served with it, like those of served, and serving with the Tu 95, in the eyes of the beholder, it is beautyful...

What you guys are saying, is a worst case scenario. Like Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, the first one.

I don't think the Russian Federation will fall into disarray, and I honestly don't believe their will be a arms race. Putin, will put Russia back in as a world power. Heck even a super power, but, the cost of war with the U.S. would hurt both sides. And before Russia can built tanks and planes, they need to deal with problems closer to home first.

I hope Russia does get restored to power. Not because I am not patriotic, I love my country hope I one day get chance to serve her, but I do hope these flights continue. But....I always dreamed of U.S. and Russians, two nations with rich military history. To use their expertise, to help keep the peace in other areas, were people are not fortunate to have a democratic, or social government, or a army that protects them , without spreading tyranny.

Even if it's a simple wave from a Russian bomber pilot, to a U.S. fighter pilot. That just shows professionalism in our military forces. To know that a bomber capable of concealing nuclear weapons, and a fighter flight, capable of carrying tactical nuclear weapons, and shooting the bomber out of the sky are flying uneventful together, and waving, that's truly beautiful in my eyes.

Russia can be seen as a threat rising, or economic competitor.

Or they can be seen as ally, a nation that opens it's borders, cause if we resent them, then they will resent us. Stand firm , but not aggressive. I have seen what some of you said, I will not say any names, but, If you have learned nothing of the last century, then learn this.

There are differences between being cautious, but willing to agree.

Or stereotypical , and resenting, and it's these lines that the fine threads of hatred are sown...
August 31st, 2007  
Originally Posted by 5.56X45mm
The Soviets were never really gone. The threat of communism was never really gone. Russia learned that she was just too big for her breeches . But now that she's learned and healed herself, she wants back in the game.
We have yet to see a Russia that has "healed herself". She's still a pretty big mess. Russia's running with the same strategy that has revived far too many nations in the past -- militarism.

But lets remember what's missing. Reaquiring control of all former Soviet States will be difficult. Without them, Russia is missing a huge portion of it's overall former population:
9 Russia142,499,000
27 Ukraine46,205,000
43 Uzbekistan27,372,000
62 Kazakhstan15,422,000
84 Belarus9,689,000
92 Azerbaijan8,467,000
99 Tajikistan6,736,000
110 Kyrgyzstan5,317,000
112 Turkmenistan4,965,000
118 Georgia4,395,000[10]
127 Moldova3,794,000[11
130 Lithuania3,390,000
135 Armenia3,002,000
140 Latvia2,277,000
148 Estonia1,342,409
Total Population in former USSR that are now independent nations: 98,899,909.

These nations also account for a substantial portion of the former USSR's oil production as other natural resources.

The Ukraine in particular, has been less than pleased with some recent meddling by Russia in their politics. No doubt, this has made them very wary of Russia.

Reaquiring Eastern Europe will likely prove impossible.

I doubt if even Putin strongly believes in Communism anymore. So in order to have a unifying cause or ideology, Russia will have to come up with something else.

One of the biggest reason for the collapse of the Communist Block was the free flow of information internationally -- something that will take some time and much effort to completely stop. Let's face it, there's just way too many means through which to communicate.

A very large number of the Russian and former Soviet citizens are none too enthusiastic about returning to the same sort of totalitarianistic state that existed throughout the Cold War.
August 31st, 2007  
Originally Posted by Infern0
when is the next russian election?
The presidential elections - next March.
The parliamentary -this Fall(but nobody cares about them anyway...)
September 1st, 2007  
A Can of Man
The new age communism is a politically communist, yet economically capitalist model.
It's a strange system where it becomes Country Incorporated which takes on the world.

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