Russia and India could develop future MBT together based on "smart tank"

July 27th, 2008  

Topic: Russia and India could develop future MBT together based on "smart tank"

What I want to know is if they are describing the T-95 which should be in the final development stages. They say it will be part of a satellite network (GLONASS), it will be able to recieve info from scout planes and survey satellites. New fire control which will let the commander and the gunner find the targets in thermal, infrared and radiolocation modes. The crew will be situated in the hull compartment and the gun will be detached, with an autoloader.

The T-95 is a prototype main battle tank of novel design, in development at Uralvagonzavod in the Russian Federation (designers of the T-72 and T-90). It was first reported by Jane's Defence Weekly in 1995, and announced by Russian official sources in 2000, but the tank has not been seen or photographed, and no concrete data has been released.
Historically, Russian/Soviet tanks are given official designations when they are adopted for production, so even the name T-95 is not authoritative.
The prototype tank was announced by the Russian Minister of Defense in 2000. Another recent Russian prototype tank, the Black Eagle tank built by Omsk Transmash, appears to have not been seriously considered by the Russian forces, but built for the export market. In a recent editorial a Russian engineer stated that the T-95 is currently being tested and will begin entering service with the Russian army in 2009.[1]
Most information about this tank is speculative. It is said to be of a novel design, with a smoothbore or rifled tank gun in a remotely-controlled mount, variously reportedly as of 135 mm or 152 mm (152.4 mm) calibre (larger than any tank in service). Such an arrangement is anticipated to improve crew survivability compared to existing designs, because the crew compartment is separated from the ready ammunition supply, and also because the tank would be completely hidden when the tank is in a hull-down position. The crew would number just three, all being carried within the hull itself.
In July 10 2008 the Russian government anounched that the Russian armed forces would start receiving new-generation tanks superior to the famed T-90 main battle tank after 2010."The T-90 MBT will be the backbone of the armored units until 2025. T-72's and T-80's will not be modernized and will be eventually replaced by new-generation tanks, which will start entering service after 2010," Sergei Mayev, head of the Federal Service for Defense Contracts (Rosoboronzakaz) told a news conference.

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