April 28th, 2005  

Topic: Runescape

Hi, Does anyone play Runescape here? If not go to
May 5th, 2005  
I've played it alittle but it got old very very very fast.
May 5th, 2005  
I played for a while, but got tired of it. Plus, I never had time to play it.
May 6th, 2005  
It's kind of repetitive like Diablo
May 10th, 2005  
I completely agree with all of you. The game does get old fast. Its not very exciting and i only play games that make me want to come back and play it again.
May 10th, 2005  
It's a lot more fun when you're a member... It's awesome!

*realizes that most here disagree with her*
May 11th, 2005  
rotc boy
you'd have to be an idiot to pay to play that game
May 11th, 2005  
C/2nd Lt Robot
I played it and got banned. Scammed one too many people out of their stuff. I was rich. Got a few thousand a day that I played. Got away with it for only a week or so.
May 11th, 2005  
My brother plays Runescape but i prefer Diablo 2: LOD over it. i have way too much time invested in it to start Runescape.
May 11th, 2005  
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