Runaway Sub?

April 27th, 2007  

Topic: Runaway Sub?

MY FRIEND HERB was returning home after several months aboard a Navy submarine. His wife and a crowd of people anxiously awaited the arrival of the vessel at a San Diego dock. She was so excited that she parked their car near the edge of the dock in a no-parking zone. The sub finally appeared. But it came in too fast and slammed into the end of the wharf. Fortunately no one was injured. Unfortunately, Herb and his wife had to explain to their insurance company that their car had been damaged by a runaway submarine.

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April 27th, 2007  
Team Infidel
that's good
April 27th, 2007  
Hahaha!! Very nice!
April 27th, 2007  
Sucks to be them!! Hahahahaha
April 27th, 2007  
April 27th, 2007  
That's what happens when you park in a no-parking zone. They should've listened.
April 27th, 2007  
Funny, but sad for them.
May 29th, 2009  
Bump -- got this in my inbox again.
May 30th, 2009  
A Can of Man
"The insurance company is never going to believe this." - That fat Russian dude from The World Is Not Enough
June 4th, 2009  
If i was the insurance broker i would be laughing my butt of at them unfortunately lol

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