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Rugby 51 80.95%
American football 12 19.05%
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October 19th, 2005  
Rob Henderson
wait wait wait...he said american football...And yet I see tons of soccer comparisons...anyway. American Football versus Rugby players..hmm..It depends on the game. If football players are playing rugby then they are gonna get killed. But if the rugby players are playin football then they are gonna get stomped on. I would have to say that rugby is the tougher playing sport but try memorizing all the plays required for football...

EDIT: its spelt "tougher" not "thougher". Sorry bout that.
November 11th, 2005  
About League neading more tackles...
what constitutes a tackle in league? just stopping them. and once they stop u push them over and everyone has to walk back 5 metres and then do it all again.

league doesnt require the brute strength and endurance that union does. its all fast running and passing and very little actual physicality, apart from cheap high tackles. look at the scrum in league compared to union. an uncontested contest? how the hell does that work

Having said that, it's still better than AFL, which is like ballet but without the sexual appeal.
February 26th, 2006  
Lets kick off again
March 19th, 2006  
Cant you just pick a winner Dougal? clearly Rugby
March 20th, 2006  
I worked with an ex-football player named Andy Cverko from Watertown, Pa. He played for Dallas for two seasons back in the early 60's and then Green Bay where he retired and went back to college and got his Master's in Electronics Engineering. When Andy walked in the door, he had to turn sideways. While we were working together, he joined a Dallas rugby league
and always had a cut or huge bump on his head. He played offensive line in football which pansies don't usually play. He told me that, hands down, rugby was the easiest game to get hurt in that he had ever played. The fact that Andy loved it was enough proof that it was not a game for the normal man off the street. He had a bumper sticker on his car that was "It takes leather balls to play rugby."
March 20th, 2006  
If anyone is really wants to know the difference between the two sports I would define it this way.

Football is much more tactical. Its alot like chess, you have specific players designed for specific roles. And there is a great amount of time planning attacks, defence and counter attacks.

Rugby is much more physical, similar to soccer. Play only stops for penalties, trys (thats Touchdowns for us Yanks ), and end of time. Because the game is much more fast paced, and the fact that they were almost no protective gear, Rugby is just brutal.
March 21st, 2006  
I guess whatever your preference is.... If you like finely tuned athletes dressed up in colorful clothing and body armour, standing at the sideline half of the time, you probably like American Football. If you like men combined with brute force you probably prefer rugby...
March 24th, 2006  
well, I played street hockey, and I learned a valuable lesson- hit first, and learn how to get away with murder. Never got in a fight, but I did get some nice stick checks to the head in.

As for NFL/rugby, I say rugby. It's like hockey without skates Just as wild.
March 27th, 2006  

I'm a Baseball man!

Screw the Yankees!

'Nuff Said...

March 27th, 2006  
As far as contact sports, I played/play football (high school), hockey and rugby (collegiate level). Hockey and rugby are the only two I've continued to play organizationally. All of them are tough, rugby and hockey are definitely more likely to get you injured, but the hits in organized football are no joke. Just because you play with pads and hard helmets doesn't make the game any less "tough."

I've gotten more broken noses, contusions and lacerations from hockey than either rugby or football.

But I still have all of my original teeth!

Screw the Yankees!
Go, BoSox!