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November 26th, 2009  
Originally Posted by Yin717
I'll admit there is alot of play in American Football. Playing it myself it can be hard to memorise it all. Yet rugby for me is still much more of a make it up as you go along while American Football can be planned. Also, for the physicsal element it also depends where you play, just like football. If your a back in rugby there is a high need for good physical ability yet if your forward it's not needed as much. It's rather similar in football. But I will admit, what makes football harder is the high paced speed of the game compared to rugby and what you American's call soccer.
in american football everyone has to be a athlete, just in different ways
Defensive lineman (me)- strength, acceleration to get of the ball and get past people, and fast hands. An idiot can play D-line
Offensive lineman- strength, intelligence, footwork, O-lineman are some of the best dancers ive ever seen, and fast hands
linebackers-tackling, acceleration, strength, but to a less exent then linemen, speed, agility,
Defensive Backs- these guys are pure athletes, the best on the field, their the fastest, the quickest, ability to jump high is nice too and need to able to catch the ball somewhat, we call that hands for future reference.
Wide Receivers- Speed, generally as fast a D-Backs, acceleration, jumping ability, height, and having good hands.
Running backs- these guys need it all, they need to be strong, fast, and agile. The best all around players on the team. Their not usually as fast as a D-back, but are far stronger.
The quarterbacks- people that i wont to kill in the game, they need to be able to throw the ball and in some offenses run too.
November 26th, 2009  
List for rugby:

Forwards: Strong, quick thinking, got good stamina, good strength.

Backs: Fast, quick thinking, strength

Scrum half: Getting into the ruks quick, passing out that ball quick, good with communicating

Centre: Good communicating, good hands, good organisation

Winger: extremly fast, good at identify possible runs.

Essentially, unlike in football, everybody must be rather similar but not the same. But I will say, you wont want to walk into a forward in the middle of the night!

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