Royal Marines or para's?

May 5th, 2014  

Topic: Royal Marines or para's?

I'm planing on joining the military as an officer as soon as I can but I can't choose between the parachute regiment or the Royal Marines. I've learnt as much as I can but I'm still unclear on some things so I have a few questions I hope someone can answer:
Is the pay the same?
I'm unclear on if I need a degree to join either directly, so do I?
What perks does each regiment have?
What exactly is the role of each regiment in recent years?
As unlikely as it sounds I want to join one of the SF regiments so what I are the differences between the SAS and the SBS?
How would you recommend I prepare for each?
And finally of you were in my position what would you join and why?
Replies from all servicemen, especially those who have served in either the para's or marines would be invaluable to me.
Cheers all
May 6th, 2014  
If you go into 1 Para it is SFSG and has a Marine attachment. SBS & SAS one is run by the Army and other by the Navy but SAS seem to have a lot more fun and a wider range of tasks

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