Royal Marine Commando's Pic's

December 20th, 2004  

Topic: Royal Marine Commando's Pic's

Well everyone else is putting pics up

(and i dont think the navy will mind us using their bandwidth)

Patrol in Kosovo:

Operation Silkman in Sierra Leone:

After taking out an enemy stronghold in Iraq:

Sentry duty on an FN MAG General Purpose Machine Gun (Gympy):

Patrolling the Shat Al Arab waterway near Basra:

Practising Section attacks in Kuwait:

RM training on .50 cal:

40 Commando in a Chinnok:

Patrolling in searra leone:

Practising Amphibious Assault:

Sniper on Eercise Auror: (think hes got the L115):

Abseiling: (look at the size of that bergen ):

Cold Weather Training in Norway:

Waiting to attack:

Artic Warefare Training:

The Tarzan Assault Course on the Potential Royal Marines Course (which I should be doing mid-jan ):

Fire Drills in NI:

On Exercise in Belize:

Jungle Training:

Section Attack:


Those should keep you going for a while
December 20th, 2004  
Sniper on Eercise Auror: (think hes got the L115):

Its the Enfield sniper rifle.
December 20th, 2004  
i gotta say, whenever i see jungle fighters, they look hardcore
and more hardcore than normal too, i dunno, its a fascination i have i guess lol
December 20th, 2004  
yeah it looks better
December 20th, 2004  
Dude its a L96A1, nice rifle but got a nasty kick.
you might like this site,

Thats our lot!

Heres another one,
Now thats a heavy pack!

Now for one of the rare pictures of the SBS

Two marines one from the US one from the UK,

By sea , by land, by air??

One lad waiting for back up..

Another SBS sneaky style!

One more RM pic.

ice breaking drills!
December 21st, 2004  
A Can of Man
Jungle fighting is one of the toughest sorts of fighting you'll ever be asked to do. That's probably why soldiers in that sort of environment seem so tough. Also the forest cammo looks the least silliest in that kind of terrain.
December 21st, 2004  

Topic: hey

ah beardo navy ain't gonna mind you using those pic's, they are off they got any of mine up there? I used to do exercise phot's when i was awy with navy, they used them in navy news..........................