Round of Golf?

March 9th, 2005  

Topic: Round of Golf?

Frank and Charlie leave for a game of golf at 8:00 am. Frank gets home about 10:00 pm and his concerned wife asks why 18 holes of golf took so long. Well that damn Charlie died on the third tee. His wife said oh my goodness! what did you do? Frank says, well from the third tee, it was hit the ball, drag Charlie, hit the ball, drag Charlie.
March 9th, 2005  
Sad but funny.
March 12th, 2005  
December 30th, 2006  
that's funny!
December 31st, 2006  
Team Infidel
that's good
December 31st, 2006  
Oh geez....
December 31st, 2006  
om my funny thing is some golfers i think would do that lol
4 Weeks Ago  
Unfortunately, there are so few posts which are related to golf. Are there still any people who keep on playing it? I got keen on it almost a year ago and I can't imagine my weekends without a golf-club. But I'm not a good player actually. I still need improving my skills. I decided to get the best golf GPS watch (I read about them here to make my game experience better. Well, it helps a bit but it's not a cure-all but at least something. So, if there are golfers, share your experience. It would be interesting to read.
3 Weeks Ago  
I used to play a lot of golf and even got down to an 11 handicap but between travel, marriage, kids and work it has been years since I swung a club so I doubt I could the side of a barn from inside it.