November 25th, 2004  

Topic: Rollin'


Rollin' rollin' rollin'
Oh my _____ is (are) swollen (ankles, feet, legs, knees, etc.)
Don't let your dingle dangle dangle in the mud
Pickup your dingle dangle, give it to your bud
... dangle in the dirt (ground) (track)
... put it in your shirt (toss it all around) ( (put it in your pack)
Up in the morning before the break of day
I don't like it, no way
Eat my breakfast too damn soon
Hungry as a hound dog, before noon
Went to the mess hall on my knee
I said, "Mess SGT., Mess SGT., feed me please!"
Mess SGT. said with a big ol' grin
"If you wanna be Airborne, you gotta be thin"
November 25th, 2004  
hell,i like it
November 28th, 2004  
lol, i like that one. at MCT (Marine Combat Training) my combat instructor just got back from airborne school and he learned way to many cadences there but he started singing that one during a run and i almost fell out of the run laughing my ass off.