RoKMC Name Tapes

October 20th, 2008  
A Can of Man

Topic: RoKMC Name Tapes

Every service in the South Korean military has a unique color scheme for their name tapes.

The Army has yellow/gold letters on a green background.
The Navy for its non Spec Ops personnel has black text on a white background.
Navy Spec Ops personnel have white text in a green background.
The Airforce has blue text on a green background.
The Marines have yellow text on a red background.

The Marines in the old days used to wear Navy name tapes and to an extent, insignia. However, by the time they were done with boot camp, their uniform including their name tapes were caked on blood giving the color scheme we have today.
Back about around 30 years ago, Marine boots were issued white name tapes like the Navy and were awarded the red name tape when the passed selection. The Navy has complained and the white name tape has changed to a yellow one.
How much truth there is to the story, I don't know but that's the story I heard.

Many ask if the name tapes would ruin camouflage but it doesn't because it gets covered by the flak jacket anyway.

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