Robby Gordon hopes to expand to 2-car team in 2007

September 16th, 2006  
Team Infidel

Topic: Robby Gordon hopes to expand to 2-car team in 2007

#7-Robby Gordon, who had been trying to arrange a merger with Robert Yates Racing in recent weeks, has changed his strategy for 2007. He's now working to build his own multicar team. And that team could be using Fords, not his current make, Chevrolet. "I'm done talking to other teams. [They] just don't have an interest, to be honest with you," Gordon said Friday. "We're going to keep our own little program, and we're going to build it." Gordon says talking about the merger detracted from his team's efforts. "We talked a lot with Yates, obviously, and once that didn't happen, I'm going to say it put us behind, by spending our time and effort to do that," Gordon said. "We should have put our time and effort into our own stuff." Gordon says he's had serious discussions about adding a second team. He's confident he'll land a deal to run a limited schedule. Who that driver might be is up to the sponsor, Gordon said. When asked specifically about which way he was leaning in terms of a manufacturer for next year, Gordon declined comment.(Scene

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