The Road To Eilat Port Operation

October 2nd, 2012  

Topic: The Road To Eilat Port Operation

Photo of frogmen who did the operation

Raids on Israeli port of Eilat, is a series of military operations took place after the 1967 war armed forces started the whole rebuild itself preparation and training, arming, organizing, and all this was possible but the thing difficult was reinvigorated lost spirit to an individual of the armed forces after the setback and break it in inside ranks, but in any event has begun commander Mohammad Fawzi after he took responsibility in supporting all of this except morale which was filed too hard because it is something significant will not return to training, from here he had recourse to special forces to carry out successful operations behind enemy lines re morale is not the armed forces only, but for all Egyptians.

The United States supplied Israel upon request in early 68 ships offshore one carrying 7 armored amphibious and named Piet Sheva and other troop carrier and its name is Yum, and took advantage of Israel superiority air sweeping launched about 3 or 4 operations strong by carriers on the east coast of Egypt, including Zafarana area where soldiers under Israeli commandos stayed in the region a full 15 hours, was Israeli air cover provides for two ships freedom of movement

So the General Command of the Armed Forces decided carry out the operation in order to get rid of the carriers by any means, and settled the matter to the Air Force and the Navy, but when considering the Air Force attack on the tankers in the depth of Israel was likely losses are very large, so the president Nasser agreed on the proposal Navy Commander of the first Egyptian human frogs in depth by Israeli poll has been verified that the carriers always go out of the port of Eilat to Sharm el-Sheikh to grace gulf and ultimately to the egyptian east shores,
Was formed three groups of frogmen Each group of two and traveled to Jordanian port of Aqaba near Eilat was also preparing two sets in Hurghada, and was the first plan requires that attacking two sets of Hurghada tankers if left early and carried to stay overnight in Naama Bay via Exit torpedo boat then float and move closer to carriers and do Btfgerhma, second plan was implemented if they took to stay overnight in Eilat thus implementation by the three groups in Aqaba.

What happened that they have carried out to stay overnight in Eilat indeed, and Hurghada mission was canceled and Aqaba groups on November 16, 1969 were out by float of Aqaba until halfway and then swim to the port, but were unable to enter the port military and they mined two israeli ships (Hedroma and Dhalaa) and were take part in the effortIsraeli warplanes in the commercial port of Eilat ,This is the process by which martyred Sergeant Fawzi Albrkoqe and his fellow withdrew his body up the beach so as not to let israel exploit the topic in the media.

Sergent Mohamed Fawzi Albarkoqe

carriers Did not stop from attacking the Egyptian coast on the contrary, have carried out under air cover to attack the island of Shadwan a rocky islet Egyptian located in the Red Sea and captured a number of hostages and seized large quantities of ammunition, and passed it by "Piet Sheva" and during the unloading ammunition exploded some which led to the deaths of nearly 60 Israelis and disrupted door tanker which was works throw Hydraulic manner.

This infos sent to the Egyptian Egyptian leadership through the control point in Aqaba and Israel estimated that the Egyptians will take advantage of the period of the maintence of ships , so they closed port with net and orders has been moved to boats to hit the explosive anti-frogs human and exited the helicopters to launch flares and they put a very strong headlamp on tankers so that detection of any movement under the depth and 100 meters as well as increased surveillance of the tankers.

Been studied all these changes and got the Navy the green light to carry out before repair damage in the ships, was formed two groups first led naval officer named Amr Alaptanona was first lieutenant and his Sergeant Ali Abu Risha and the second led by Lieutenant Rami Abdul Aziz and his Sergeant Mohamed Fathi and moved from Alexandria with their equipment to Iraq, where they landed at the airport in H3 and greeted by members of the Organization of the Palestinian Fatah and which traveled overland to Amman, Jordan, where they stay overnight for one night during which they processed mine (mine with everyone) and equipment and moved to the port of Aqaba where they were greeted by Jordanian officer (major) volunteered to work with them without knowledge, the authorities of his country because the whole area there was a closed it was necessary to get help from a member of the Jordanian Armed Forces.

to be continued
October 2nd, 2012  
Entered theJordanian military area and have processing final steps and have begun to go down in the water already at 8:20pm February 5, 1970 without float because it was needed special equipment and relied on the swimming and diving in the middle distance discovered Sergeant Mohamed Fathi that tank oxygen its nearly finished (due to transport in the middle mountains) decision was made for his return to the landing point in Aqaba and completed the task without him , they arrived in the middle of the night to the port of Eilat after swimming and diving for about 5.5 nautical miles.

In 12.20 pm They passed under the net, and attacked Lieutenant Rami Abdul Aziz alone on "Pat Yum" while attacked the officer Amr alaptanona and Sergeant Ali Abu Risha on the tanker "Piet Sheva" They mined ships and seized timing blast on only two hours instead of four hours as they were commands states, and special forces have agreed that the amendment in the plan as required by the circumstances .. At two o'clock in the morning of February 6, explosions began reverberating in Eilat and exited Israeli patrols to search for the perpetrators of the attack but arrived successfully to the Jordanian beach

In the port of Aqaba arrested by Jordanian intelligence has realized that the attack must have launched from its territory, and the story should remember in this case is that they are frogs human Egyptian dumped helicopter near Eilat and was supposed to return to picked up but did not do and that they have a recommendation to surrender to their brothers in Jordan to exempt critical of the use of its territory in the implementation of a military attack without their knowledge

After raiding successful for the second time for Egyptian frogmen on the port of Eilat, israeli navy leadership was changed and the new leadership followed a new of style evacuation the port before sunset hour until the next morning and that was Aqaibdhm losses as well as fatigue for ships' crews and naval units.

From here arose the idea of the third operation where the information came from military intelligence reports that soldiers tanker "Piet Sheva " have been fixed after the destruction it had suffered during the second raid on the port of Eilat , Is it like the rest of the ships leaving the port every night and come back to it in the morning and had to be finding a way to disable "Piet Sheva " for sailing and forcing them to spend the night in the port of Eilat, even for one night so can be attacked and sunk.

The idea summarized in a two large mines Contains each one hundred and fifty kilograms of Halogen material high explosive on the bottom down the military sidewalk where the tanker soldiers "Piet Sheva" dock when entering the harbor every morning,Two mines are placed midnight and controlled explosive device on 12 hours that means mine explosion occurs about twelve o'clock noon,At this time, it must be "Piet Sheva" anchored next to the sidewalk mined and set on Saturday (holiday Israeli weekly) May 14, 1970 to perform the operation and has actually been put the two mines as a first stage in places previously identified but mine first exploded early overdue at seven and thirty-five minutesfrom on the morning of May 15, Meanwhile the late arrival of the tanker "Piet Sheva" 12 past 5 which means other carrier arrived after the deadline for the arrival of about six hours, while the second mine exploded in the ninth hour and a half on the morning of 15 , And although the process has failed to achieve its objectives unless it had some other goals has shaken the confidence of the Israeli forces was seen process recovered many bodies of water of their frogmen who were working at the time of the explosion in cutting the hull "Bat Yam" soaked by Egyptian frogmen during the second raid on the port of Eilat, were also seen more than six ambulances transporting the wounded and injured officers from primarily building directly behind the war sidewalk.
October 2nd, 2012  

Photo of Captain: Mahmoud Abdel Wahab , who dragged his friend &Assistant Mohamed Fawzi Albarkoqe Body , 16 kilometer in water and refused to leave his body in Eilat


Piet Sheva

pat yam

October 2nd, 2012  
Israeli Frogmen Captured in Alexandria , after a fail attempt to raid on Alexandria Port

February 12th, 2013  
when and where was this article published? Does any one know how come the POW photos show Israeli submariners who have never been pow's?
February 13th, 2013  
Originally Posted by harel
when and where was this article published? Does any one know how come the POW photos show Israeli submariners who have never been pow's?
Well,.. not that YOU know of,...

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