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September 7th, 2004  
One single Muslim country no, no chance at all.

But I have been saying this all along.

But the whole Muslim world united under one supreme leader, could either buy the technology from China or Russia or even the West, or modernize themelsves, most likely they will do both.

I don't don't any of you studied history, but when Japan was forced to moderdize because it was being threatened by outsiders, how long did it take them to go from using medeival weapons (samuria swords) to defeating a European power (Russia) is an sea battle? Not that long. Maybe they won't do it as effeciently as Japan but they may come close enough to make an impact.

As far as nuclear weapons goes, Pakistan has nuclear weapons they're a Muslim country, they could just share that tech with everyone else.

Besides I never said this would happen anythime soon, I said it would be around 10 to 20 years or more. This has a very slim chance of happening within the next few years.

As far as Sino-Russian alliance it could happen, but me personally I see no mandate for this, no fanatical drive towards making this happen. If it does then good, I think the European Union will have an easier time fighting them than the Islamics.
September 7th, 2004  
Well, consider the Soviet and Chinese history. There have been some very emperialistic meglomaniacs in their past. Russia is currently in prime shape for such a leader, under the promise of "Restoring Russia to its former glory." They already have the technology and a strong distrust of the West. Same goes for China and they'd gain access to the best of Russian tech in the process. So the list of "things that have to happen" is a lot short with Sino/Russian scenario.
September 7th, 2004  
If Russia and China didn't pull something during the cold war, why would they now? Russia isn't communist anymore, and I have heavy doubts that people would buy into a imperialistic method to restore Russia to it's former "glory" if anything, they'll do just the opposite. If anything, I'd say Russia is slowly developing a distrust of the middle-east.

Besides, Russia and China mistrust eachother too much, I think, to ever bring a strong alliance, or "empire".

China I can buy more into, they still have that red star. But.... they are slowly converting themselves to bring better prosperity, I think they're too smart to throw that away in favor of world domination. (But then there's Taiwan, but we must never mention that again!)

Islam has that whole world converting plan imedded in their religion, or so the fanatics are so hell bent on spreading.
September 7th, 2004  
Very valid points all. China and Russia don't much trust each other, and then there's the mutual mistrust between China and India. There are numerous similar obstacles to unifying Islam under a common leader, but the ideology is there certainly.

As for Russia, whether or not they reverted to Communism (pretty unlikely) or picked up with some other system, they are currently in very similar state as Germany post WW1. They dropped out of being the most feared military in the world (the only exceptions possibly being US and China). Their country is a mess right now. I'd be very surprised if the people of Russia were not of the opinion that the world has completely screwed them over. Everything that an opportunistic charismatic leader would need to set them onto the path of conquest. Such a leader could easily define who and what was responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union.

China would just need its own Joseph Stalin, the ideology is already there. True, they stand to lose much, but that doesn't tend to stop those sorts of people.
September 8th, 2004  
The Sino-Russian attack could be a scenario, I'm sure there are some die-hard Maoist and communist more than willing to see this happen, but unless they take over both governments this won't happen, especially in Russia. I agree with you the list is shorter, but I don't see any zeal or fanaticism backing it up, despite their distrust of the West, Imperial aspirations, ect.

I tend to agree with Chocobo that they mistrust each other too much, ( not to mention their best chance was during the cold war ), and I also see them both as countries that are begining to have good sense and join the modern world of creating prosperity for themselves, rather than strive for Imperialistic glory.

The extremist Islamic mentality however doesn't have this good sense as we see it, we saw that with what happened in Russia recently.
September 8th, 2004  
extremist Islamic mentality
My God, you say as though ever muslim is extreme, I'm not trying to offend you, but you've gotta be careful the way you say things.

There are extremes in every race, religion and nationality. Because for example, George Bush is Republican, does that make every American a Republican? No, all people are different, and even extremist muslims would have different views on who the real Mahdi is.

Not only that, you're getting Muslim countries mixed up with Arab countries etc. Pakistan is not arab, and its only beef is with India, and if Pakistan even thought of joining forces India would annialate them.

Would each country's leader just give up office for some guy claiming to be the Mahdi? I doubt it.

They wouldn't be a force to be reckoned with, they'd be a force, but they have nothing powerful or the technology. You mention Japan defeating Russia, by ww2 Japan were still using ancient 'honourable' methods.

Look at the situation now, would the USA ALLOW this coalation to form or develop modern technology? I doubt that.

A good read and well put up points Gladius but I just cannot see it happening soon or in the near future, and even if it did the world would crush them, countries act very different when a threat of war looms.

I believe that in conventional war, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain any of the developed European countries would crush the middle east coalition on its own.

Sorry to ramble and I ment no offence if you see i that way Glad, just posing a different argument.
September 8th, 2004  
My apologies, the words should have been switched. That does not change the fact that Islam has given birth to the most wicked of terrorists In this century, however young it may be. Whether It be the true interpritation of Islam is not up for me to debate, I am not an Iman and I know little about the religion's scriptures, but I do realize that there are man Muslims out there who would not hesitate to kill you on the basis that you or I think differently then them.
September 8th, 2004  
Hello i am a new member ..... anything can happen, but IMO the Sino-Russian Empire sounds more probable then the "Middle East" Empire, but hey anything could happen, hopefully not in my life time.
September 8th, 2004  
Welcome to the forums, AsianAmerican.

Yeah, the way I see it, the United States, in its puzzling role of being the "world's policeman" has a lot less chance of influencing things along the Sino/Russian lines. Also, I don't believe in absolute fate. I believe that if Christianity and Islam are doomed to collide, that is a doom the people of the world will willingly choose. The people of the world could choose another fate, its all a matter of them deciding to do so.
September 9th, 2004  
Fighting over religion is the dumbest thing man ever came up with. No matter what the muslim countries dont stand a chance in hell vs Europe