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June 9th, 2005  
Well, the link of the video appears to be missing.

Either than that, this is very disturbing for the Americans living in New York City.
June 10th, 2005  
Yeah I can't get the video either, anymore.

I suppose this is disturbing to New York residents, unless of course they don't see the big picture implications of this, then they might just shrug it off. As for me I live in California and they just recently caught an Al Qaeda supect over here. Link

The event in NY however is not isolated, the group is linked to another group in Britian who have the same agenda. And of all things celebrate 9-11 as a great victory, a reason NY residents should be really upset.

London convention celebrates 9-11

'Either you're with the Muslims or with the infidels'

Bakri called 9-11 "a cry of Jihad against unbelief and oppression" and said the aim of remembering it is to "revive the commandment of Jihad among the youth of the [Muslim] nation."

Bakri said the convention also will feature a lecture about the Islamic religious roots of "slaughtering the infidels," referring in part to the beheading of foreigners in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Group celebrates 'Magnificent 19' hijackers
British Islamists bent on global conquest plan 9-11 conference

A group operating openly in Britain that regards itself as a front line for global Islamic conquest, is planning a conference to celebrate the anniversary of America's "comeuppance" on Sept. 11, 2001.

The group fashions itself in the UK as a pressure group seeking to uphold the rights of Muslim citizens. But its website clearly details its stated aim to re-establish the "Khilafa," or world Islamic state, which it contends was destroyed by imperialist Europe.

..."to continue until the eradication of all man-made law and the implementation of divine law in the form of the Khilafah -- carrying the message of Islam to the world and striving for Izhar ud-Deen, i.e. the total domination of the world by Islam."

If you click the link you'll see that these people even have a poster glorifying those 19 evil bastards who high-jacked the planes on 9-11.

This is not an Isolated incident, the group has offices all over the world including France.

The dream of every Muslim radical is world domination. This is simply one group who doesn't mind speaking what they think. Other Muslims who know that this is offensive to non-Muslims are hush-hush about it, not these guys.

Like I said there is a tug of war going on right now for control of the Muslim religion, who ever wins will determin the course of future events. This could be likened to the Nazi party during the 1920's.
July 22nd, 2005  
I don't have too much time to stop by anymore but I'll do updates everyone in a while.

We discussed the effects of EMP on this thread.

For those of you who don't know, EMP is main the threat that could cripple the West technological advantage in case of a war against this coming empire. (Read a few pages back if you want to know more)

If you want to see the effects of an EMP attack watch the new movie "War Of The Worlds" with Tom Cruise. The begining segments gives you an idea of what an EMP attack would be like---No electricity, no machines working, lines and lines of cars stuck and out of commision on the freeway.

Its a good look at what may happen, the rest of course is science fiction. The long convoys of troop trucks, moving towards the battle front which later come, may also be accurate after an EMP attack. The movie itself is really good, I recomend it highly.

Here also is another Congressional report on EMP, its about a month old:

New Congress warning
on nuclear EMP threat

"Iran has conducted tests with its Shahab-3 missile that have been described as failures by the Western media because the missiles did not complete their ballistic trajectories, but were deliberately exploded at high altitude," he said. "This, of course, would be exactly what you would want to do if you were going to use an EMP weapon. Iran described these tests as successful. We said they were a failure because they blew up in flight. They described them as successful. Of course, they would be, if Iran's intent was practicing for an EMP attack."

An EMP attack is far more dangerous to the West than it is to other less technologically developed countries,...

Ninety-nine percent of Americans may not know very much about EMP, but I will assure you ... that 100 percent of our potential enemies know all about EMP.

EMP, he warned, can cause catastrophic damage to the nation by destroying the electric power infrastructure, causing cascading failures in the infrastructure for everything: telecommunications, energy, transportation, finance, food, and water.

Note: When I use the term Liberal, i mean Left Wing. Since I have used it alot in this whole thread and it may confuse some of you, especially those from Europe.

In the USA the word liberal is use to describe those leaning to the left, pacifist, socialist, politicaly correct.

These are the types of people who are and will let this scenario come to pass, because of thie policies and attitudes, and the fact that they seem to live in somekind of fantasy land and refuse to see reality until its too late.
November 7th, 2005  
Has anyone been paying attention to the rioting going on in France right now?

by Amir Taheri
New York Post
November 4, 2005

The above article pointed to alot of important aspects dealing with this.

The riots will probably be quelled eventually. But the root cause will still be there, that wont go away anytime soon.

The reason I brought this up, is if you have been reading this scenario, I had mention before that the in-country populous will be factor in this future armed of invasion of Europe.

Think about those riots near Paris for a moment. Now imagine every single city in Europe will be like or worse than what is going on near Paris at the moment.

Under the urging of the Mahdi the large Muslim populous will strike in an attempt for a final jihad against the West. They will burn cities inside Europe in coordination with the invading forces crossing the border in an armed attempt at conquering Europe.

This of course will be coupled by an EMP strike meaning no power and communications for at least several days or weeks. Leaving ordinary European citizen isolated or at the mercy of jihadist rioters making the problem infinitely worse.

There were some who doubted that ordinary Muslims will rise and follow the Mahdi. Well if you still want to doubt, the cause of the riots near paris were about two young men being accidentaly electricuted. This isn't even much compared to the order of importance in the average Muslims life, yet they are willing to riot. The Mahdi you can bet holds one of the greatest importance to the average Muslim, much greater importance than those two young men. You can guess how much more fervent they will be in their riots when the Mahdi himself tell them to do exactly that.

For those of you who doubted the Muslim citizenery in Europe will rise up against their European host, the example right now shows that you couldn't have been more wrong.

Make no mistake they will rise up, when the time comes.

Not to mention in about 15 to 20 years when this does take place the Muslim citizenry will have a much larger population (perhaps double what it is now).

When I started this thread I knew the posibility that this invasion may someday happen, but I was still of the belief that if an invasion was attempted it would be readily thrown back, although at great cost. But as time went on, and with all the new information, especially with the EMP weapon, and now the riots giving us only a small picture of what may happen, I now know it won't be that easy. All I can say is; We are in for it.
November 9th, 2005  
The problem is that here in Europe the integration policy for inmigrants have failed. France was the country with better integration. I do not want to know what´s gonna happen in Spain in a decade.
November 9th, 2005  
Most of the problem is not the policies of integration themselves. The problem is these type of immigrants do not want to integrate at all.

They are completely at odds with Western culture. They see it as an evil influence that they will someday overcome through counquest.
November 10th, 2005  
Originally Posted by gladius
Most of the problem is not the policies of integration themselves. The problem is these type of immigrants do not want to integrate at all.

They are completely at odds with Western culture. They see it as an evil influence that they will someday overcome through counquest.
Of course there are people that think that way, but we can not generalize. I study with some muslims that do not agree with this fanatics. In the french riots not only muslims were involucrated, there were many people from central Africa.

But I agree with you in something we have been discussing in this bord for a long time: Europe is gonna have trouble with his inmigrants, I do not know if it will take place as an invasion...we´ll see.
November 10th, 2005  
U see..the problem is, why are they accepting these type of immigrants!? and why are those immigrants coming if they dont like it..and dont the original country of the immigrants do anything about it?
November 10th, 2005  
Well, I think is impossible to know the belifs of a person. You can not ask them when they arrive: Hey, are you a radical muslim? (well, you can, but obviously they will say no). However this people are european citizens, they are not foreings.

The inmigrants come to europe for different reasons: they think they are going to have a better live here (but many times they end in ghettos and the fustration begins). The integration policy of the european goverments have failed. They also scape from the violence, starvation... in Africa

The original country of this inmigrants do nothing because they are governed by corrupt people that give a s**t to the problems of their own citizens.

We have a good example with the events that took place in Spain lasto month. Every single night during 2 weeks thousands of inmigrants coming from Africa tried (and many achieved) to jump the spanish border. Morocco did nothing.
November 10th, 2005  
sounds like about a 150 pounds of pure bull