Rifle Spinning

April 7th, 2006  

Topic: Rifle Spinning

I'm putting together a drill team for this year's Annual Ceremonial Review at our corps. These are our senior cadets, and we're looking to put on a great show with arms.

We don't do rifle spinning as any sort of drill. However, I want to incorporate it in to a few movements because it looks really sharp. So, I'm looking for any tips that anyone has about spinning the rifle faster, controlling it, and doing this without looking nervous or moving more than necessary.
April 7th, 2006  
Sorry, I can't help much because I don't do it myself. But, to look for more information, you should search the internet. The American term for this is "Armed exhibition drill". You should probably be able to find some videos or websites with tips.

And of course, the cure for almost any drill problem is practice. With practice, your movements will be more fluid and you will be more confident and less hesitant. Practice is the only way to success!

Good luck!
April 9th, 2006  
Rob Henderson
thats a good example of videos...dunno if that helps any about advice though...lol

July 12th, 2006  
well here is a tip. Make sure everyone is on.

Dont get nervous about it, you will find it is easy if you arent afraid of the rifle, just do it, and dont be afraid , i have dropped the rifle at practice before (just do the push ups and try again).

Try to have fun with it, but use discipline at the same time

JUST DO IT AND remember the rifle isnt as big as you are so controll it dont let it controll you.

Hope i help

July 28th, 2006  
im on the exibition team for my high school

we just played around with our rifles untill we thought of some moves 2 do
just toss them around, do some spins, and try to think of a way to link them all together with marching and other such things, because its not all about the rifles, you have to have some marching and movement or else it doesnt look good
November 14th, 2008  
Rifle spinning originated in military drill team practice. Replicas are used at the high school and college level to simulate the routines of the military. Rifle throwing can include elaborate tosses and throws of a heavy rifle, sometimes up to 10 or 14 pounds in weight. Regular practice and careful consideration are necessary when training for rifle spinning.

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November 22nd, 2008  
I remember while practicing for our passing out parade in the RAF, we were doing rifle drill with Lee Enfields and bayonets. Standing at attention with the rifle on the ground, the order was given “SLOPE ARMS!” One recruit threw his rifle up as taught, but stabbed himself in the shoulder with the bayonet. lol
November 22nd, 2008  
Team Infidel
I am a member of New Guard America... You can search on youtube for our videos.
February 13th, 2009  
My brother said our Jrotc team should use bayonets at our drill team competitions but i thought the injuries would out do the good and the other teams would not have a fair chance then lol
February 15th, 2009  
I want to thank everyone for the advice and i'll deafintally have to try it out and hope it works and that the coaches don't chew me out if i miss either way i'll be great for the pt team