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View Poll Results :Who has a rilfe range member ship or Shoots a Firearm regularly?
I have a membership and shoot often 3 33.33%
I have a membership but its not used often 2 22.22%
I dont shoot guns much and if i do i go with a friend 1 11.11%
I dont have a membership and go with a friend 2 22.22%
I dont shoot guns 1 11.11%
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December 5th, 2004  
i don't have any memberships because the ranges i shoot at are public. but i'm shooting some type of 308 (Rem 700PSS or Savage 10FP). i'm starting to shoot handguns a little more often now too. i haven't gotten one myself yet, but a USP Compact .40 is on my list.
December 6th, 2004  
Nick E
I don't have a membership but I go with the cadets and we shoot airrifles every weekend and .22s once a month. Last time I checked, I had a 60 average and the corps called me and said I made the Range Team, which is pretty sad if u think about it, but then again, our corps is only 20 people and the top 5 make the team.