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October 26th, 2013  

Topic: rifle advice

I am a beginner in the distance shooting world. I have never owned a firearm of my own, and I am looking at getting a new rifle, and scope. I really enjoy the challenge of distance shooting, and know nothing more than how to "dope" a scope, adjust for trajectory and fire a round. Can anyone recommend a worthwhile rifle to start with? My longest, fairly accurate shot at this time is approx 250 yards. I have aspirations of reaching the 1000yd milestone.. Lofty?... maybe, but if you're gonna dream, dream big, right?
October 28th, 2013  
A heavy barrel bolt action in something like a .300 Win magnum would be a good starter. Maybe a Remington 700. If it's not too heavy, could be a decent hunting weapon, deer, bear, moose, etc. Most important is accuracy, a 1" group is a 10" group at 1,000 yards, but only in perfect calm air.
October 29th, 2013  
Starting out shooting, never having owned a firearm, makes a .300 WM look like a novice driver buying a dragster or a Lamborghini.
Practiced skill from the shooter comes 1st.
I think a .300 WM would be discouraging to learn with.

Try and associate with some actual hunters and shooters on a personal basis and start there.
Check into range clubs or some kind of actual instruction.

Nothing spectacular about 1000 yd targets, but it's a funny goal for omeone who doesn't even own a piece.


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