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No way their mission is at home 1 12.50%
Maybe they have both home and away missions 1 12.50%
I Don't Know, it's too confusing 2 25.00%
Yes, that's their mission 4 50.00%
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March 22nd, 2005  
Web, if you really believe what you posted, then you don't have an understanding of what the Guard and Reserves are all about.
Here a sample of their mission.

During peacetime each state National Guard answers to the leadership in the 50 states, three territories and the District of Columbia. During national emergencies, however, the President reserves the right to mobilize the National Guard, putting them in federal duty status. While federalized, the units answer to the Combatant Commander of the theatre in which they are operating and, ultimately, to the President.

Even when not federalized, the Army National Guard has a federal obligation (or mission.) That mission is to maintain properly trained and equipped units, available for prompt mobilization for war, national emergency, or as otherwise needed.

The Army National Guard is a partner with the Active Army and the Army Reserves in fulfilling the country's military needs.
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April 21st, 2005  
Charge 7
Just a fact I found out about today that surprised me and as it fits this thread I thought I'd post it. Did you know that 50% of all US forces in Iraq are National Guardsman? Something to think about when it comes to benefits and compensation matters.
April 22nd, 2005  
Thanks for that info Charge. It never really made sense to me that there was such a disparity in benefits between active and reserve/guard troops. I guess I could understand it better when there were no wars being fought by so many reserve and guard units. Then again, even when there is no war, the reserve and guard people make themselves available for active duty whenever needed. That deserves consideration too.