Remembrance Day Song, Lest We Forget

November 9th, 2015  

Topic: Remembrance Day Song, Lest We Forget

Im not sure if music links are also permitted on here so if they are not then i apologise and I will remove this thread.

I am a former Royal Marines Commando currently living in London and in my spare time I sing and write songs.

Last year I decided to write an album for fellow ex service men and those currently serving (Songs for the Bootnecks) which i created largely on a marine vessel half way around the world and helped raise funds for a charity which is clearly close to my heart - Help Our Wounded Royal Marines and Supporting Arms.

The album was well recieved within the Royal Marines family and I was lucky enough to be contacted by so many to tell me about their own experiences both during and after serving.

Since then i have written another song, I wanted to write a song from a soldiers perspective and hopefully write a song that would resonate with the hundreds of thousands of people who have both suffered and witnessed the loss of loved ones, for me this was the loss of a number of my fellow Royal Marines Commando's. The song is called Lest We Forget and it is for those heroes and friends who have made the ultimate sacrifice, suffered physical and mental injuries and for the families and comunities that have also suffered so much.

I recorded the song this week for Remembrance Day from my living room wth little more than me, my acoustic guitar and my laptop (and some rather unwelcome traffic).

I therefore attach the link to my demo, Lest We Forget
November 9th, 2015  
Your talent is God given, MichaelSheldon. Your song is very beautiful, poignant.
Thank you for your service.

November 9th, 2015  
Nice one mate.
November 9th, 2015  
That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it and thank you for your service. You have a natural talent and it's a beautiful song.

We have a thread here dedicated to war and military videos.. song... etc.. any type related to war and military that would be a good place to post your songs if you like.

I'd love to read the poems as well, if you would like to share them with us.

When I post videos, I sometimes post the lyrics as well. You obviously have a wonderful talent and I hope you continue sharing with the forum.


also.. we have another thread for new members to introduce themselves...
November 10th, 2015  
Thank you all for your kind words! I will post it on the new thread thanks!
November 10th, 2015  
Great song very melodic.

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