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October 20th, 2007  
Lol, for your reputations sake, I'm not gonna go w/ TI - but it does sound like a hell of a lot of fun...

Yeah, don't worry about falling in love right now. the "in love" word (lol) is much more intense than most people can even fathom before they hit their 20s. Believe me, I can count on one hand the amount of couples I know that are "in love" and my age, and half of them are married and have been for over a year... Don't rush into it.

you'll know when it's love. believe me. It'll be during one of the biggest sessions of "denying your true feelings" ever. and suddenly, it just smacks you in the face that you are wasting your time.
And then you get to start worrying about whether you are "in love" or not lol... such a confusing process...
October 20th, 2007  
Originally Posted by Team Infidel
i say, dump him, and go date his best friend.

oh yeah, as a side note, you have NO business "falling in love" at your age. date, and have fun. if you get to serious at your age, it will mess your head up. don't even think about "love" until college or after. Just date, no drama, and if it doesn't work out DTB (dump that boy).
TI, I had woman drama at my age not because I was dating but because there was a fundamental disagreement on my hobbies which led to more fighting and arguing in which I was on the defensive than I care to remember. Women are vicious.

Bottom line, you don't need to be falling in love with anyone. It's good to have friends of the opposite sex, but I think most teenage relationships will end badly. Just remember- tolerate each other's quirks or activities, because you each love your own so dearly.
October 20th, 2007  
Team Infidel
Originally Posted by deerslayer
Women are vicious.

yep, they sure are...
October 20th, 2007  
Del Boy
Yeah - but ain't they luvly!

But seriously I repeat - don't chase this guy.
October 21st, 2007  
Hey now!! We can't help it if we are just smarter then guys. Some of us use our powers wisely....
October 22nd, 2007  
A Can of Man
Take advice from a married man with a child on the way: All men are pigs. You think that prince charming is the one? Guess again!
Of all the years I've spent on this earth guess how many I would say would be worthy of dating any daughter my wife will bring to this world. NONE. This is especially true of those that girls just love to love. You know, the cocky funny type that attract a lot of girls.
It's friggin' stupid. Girls say they want a man who listens and understands but time and time again I've seen them ignore that completely and go for that "hot guy" who changes girlfriends more often than he changes shorts.
I've seen lots of girls screw up their lives because of some dumbass guy they fell in "love" with.
Pick someone who LISTENS, understands and cares.
Of course, don't babble off about useless stuff for hours or even the most patient man, unless gay, will be turned off. Make sure you have a point and make sure you let him know where the conversation is going before you get into the body of the topic or he will be lost and pretty pissed off about it. It's like an essay. Make sure you spit out that thesis statement early. And for CHRIST SAKES don't trail off into other subjects. I know English majors have issues with this. But don't do it.
Anyways. Remember. Pick one that listens, understands and cares.
And always assume that the guy you are about to see is a prick.
Want more information? PM me.

My wife has clearly been doing her homework.
October 22nd, 2007  
Yes, always assume that we are all pricks. But for Christ's sake, if we make the occasional racy comment towards you in jest, don't take it offensively. Especially don't take it to the point where we may have to come to blows with another man, because a joke shouldn't go that far.

Seriously, be very cautious with men- you never know just how genuine we are until you get to know us. But if you see something that just sends Klaxon bells going off in your head, don't stick around.
October 23rd, 2007  
Like some of the others have said, this stage of your life is about testing the waters when it comes to relationships. Dont chase this guy, and dont be upset if it turns out that it is over for good. There will always be other people, that much is for certain.

Some people have said one thing I disagree with however. The "love doesnt find you till the mid 20s" idea. Its completely dependent on the people involved. Two of my friends, age 19 and 20, started dating when they were 16 and 17, and are getting married next year. It just happened to be a match made in heaven. I as well have been dating the same girl for over 4 years, and would say that I am "in love" with her.
October 23rd, 2007  
ok sorry guys that I've taken so long to update...theres just been A LOT of drama going on...

ok friday- I come in and act all friendly, and we laugh and basically act just like nothing ever happened, like we were friends

saturday & sunday- I was sleeping over at two of my friends house's and I was drowning my sorrow in chocolate...

By sunday night im about over him, still a little sad but at least I can eat by now

monday- i get up and check facebook i find he wrote a new note it goes like this:

Most of you tagged have read my three previous notes about my life and the journeys I have made, the sacrifices I have had, and the drama that has occured. I tag you because I want you to hear my story. If you aren't tagged do not be afraid to read, or discuss with me the series of unfortunate events that have been through.

It has been awhile since my previous note. Around 3 months approximately. After writing the triology of my epic tale I thought I would need not to continue but because of recent events I have to. "Because I have been brought down, but I will be damned if I let that happen again." That is a quote from where I left off in my last note. It appears I have been brought down again.

On the night of the purple and gold game me and my buddy had planned to "*****" around and find some women. This idea aroused me given the previous drama I had had with girls. So as I sit in the bleachers, I am being my normal crazy self, entertaining the likes of others. And to my wondering eyes should appear, a red-headed girl whose eyes were so beautiful and wonderous. I then casually shifted myself to sit next to her. We began chatting it up doing the whole "interview" thing. We shared laughs and smiles. Things were great. I thought "Could this be?" And it was. I made the move to hold her hand, grabbed it, she never let go. At the end of the game in which we paid zero attention to we walked out together. I glanced to my left and so 2 furious girls who I had been in contact with that day and had flirted with one of them, they looked pissed. So they were on my tail threw the parking lot and me and the girl were walking. I shifted paths and lost them, we went into an alleyway. We exchanged in AIMs and phone numbers, and then we gave our goodbye hug. At that precise moment I felt so closely to her. I kissed her, and I kissed her well. It was the best first kiss I ever had. After 2 seconds of greatness the two girls yelled "What the **** are you doing you slut??" And so they really were pissed at me and this girl, so I told her to leave and id explain later. Then I told the other to girls to **** off. I dashed to my car, I thought "I hope she understands, I hope she understands" I broke every law just to get home, slam my ass into the computer seat and tell her everything. She understood she said "I didn't want to jump to conclusions cuz I really liked you" From that moment on I trusted her. And it takes a lot to gain my trust. It only took hours but I had fallen for her, and I had fallen hard. 2 days later after some more intense "Interviewing" we went on a date. After the date I asked her out and she said YES. I was so happy, I knew this would be all or nothing. From that point on for the first month it was rainbows and butterflies. And then the worst thing that could possibly happen happened. That sugary goodnesss I had been tasting for 30 days faded. And was now tasting like poisen. Agruments, drama, tears, regret, and torment filled that last month. Drama beyond uneccesary drama. Immaturity is a good word to describe it. How could it quite possibly have become like this. I made myself so sure that I would be as nice as I could be(which is a ****in lot). But now it's like iit doesnt matter. Then one Sunday she said that last week she thought I didn't love her anymore and she got depressed. Well what the ****, if I didnt love you anymore I would have broken up with you. So I said. "You are needy, clingy, and overly dramatic. You need to fix this, or were not guna work out. This will be the last time I say this." And the next day we have an arugment, I let it slide cuz it was the first day. But then one night she doesnt say I love you after I say it and hangs up. What the ****. The next day she pelts me with m and m's cuz supposedly I wasn't talking enough. Then doesn't wait for me after class. When I get to lunch it felt like complete and utter silence and I felt set aside from the world. Then she hugged me. She hugged me as if everything was okay. EVERYTHING OKAY NO ITS NOT OKAY!! I then proceeded to explain my complaints and broke up with her. I felt so bad. I am the sweetest nicest most empathetic person you will meet and it crushed me so dearly to have to do this. The next day I prayed for us to be able to be friends. Great success! We laughed and laughed. So I was looking foreward to a weekend of NO DRAMA this weekend with girls. That proved to be wrong. 3 girls all with different stories say that I called so and so a ***** and that she was ugly and I hated her. All of that is false, and everyone knows I would never say that but tears were shed amongst them. I warned them not to mess with me this weekend cuz its MY WEEKEND. Then the sweetest of the 3 is walking with me and says this....

Girl: What if I like this guy but I'm afraid he doesn't like me because I'm weird.
Me: Your not weird.
Girl: Aww that's sweet. But what if he doesn't like me.
Me: You'll never know unless you tell him.
Girl: What if he is here today.
Me: That has no effect on the outcome.
Girl: What if that guy is you?
Me: Is it me?
Girl: Yes.

So we talked and "interviewed" all weekend, but as of now I'm not really worried about where that goes because of my distaste for relationships at the moment. Of late I have discovered that the red-headed girl of my dreams I had recently broke up with just days ago had started liking this guy during our relationship and has already moved on. Was I that bad of a boyfriend that you already liked another guy?? I was nothing but nice and absolutely faithful and good to her. And now I see that that meant nothing and I went through all those tears for nothing!!! I cried twice over this girl. More than I have cried over any girl and now I see that it meant nothing!!! WHY DO GIRLS TREAT THE GOOD GUY LIKE ****!! YOU SAY YOU WANT A NICE GOOD GUY ASIDE FROM ALL THE JERKS OUT THERE BUT WHEN YOU GET ONE YOU TREAT HIM LIKE ****!!! WHERE IS THE ****IN LOGIC AND ETHICS IN THAT!!!! I HOPE TO GOD THAT THESE GIRLS DONT TREAT OTHER GUYS LIKE THAT!!!

It is at this precise moment I feel like floating in a piss load of tears and crying myself into a pensieve of nothingness. Why is all the good in me being treated like pitiless crap? Why? Relationships are now meaningless to me, and if you want one from me you might as well give up because I really don't care unless you can convince me otherwise which is at the moment highly doubtful.

I need my friends. I need kindess care and understanding.

I am a man who only wants peace, love, and relaxation. What I am getting is war, hate, and immaturity.

Give me what I want, and I will show you the world.


Your loving and caring friend
Yes...i am the red-headed I didn't start liking a guy days before we broke up and i told him this monday morning. he said ok, he believed me

monday night-i send him and incredibly long message about why i was acting the way i was that week, and this was his reply:
October 23rd, 2007  
I distanced myself to try and fix your clinginess myself. I felt like I couldn't get an air. Like you were always hanging on to me, always wanting to talk, like i was on the shortest leash. I just wanted some distance. I probalby should have emphasized that more but at the time I didnt know how to put that into words so I just focused on the drama things. I did care about what you had to say but at the same time I wanted to just have some space to myself and thats where it turned out to appear like I was ignoring you, I listened to every word you had to say, I just didn't feel like it needed a response. The drama, the fighting, the constant need to have a lil space I couldn't bear it. So many things were going through my mind that week after I told you how I felt, my mind raced. I just couldn't take it anymore so I ended it.

I do care. I always will. That's why I read the entire thing, word for word.

me: friends than?

him: yes, friends
later that evening...his message on myspace was "wtf" so i messaged him to see what was wrong,

basically he told me that some girl said i was making out with this guy, John, during school that day

him: and to katie you were making out
and to "someone i am told to not name" you were all over john one day before 5th hour and that you like hime<that last part is multiple people

you deny all of this??.....thats a lot of denying lindsey.....thats a lot of stories, all different, all believable, all from very different people....and your the only one that seems to deny them

11:27pm October 22nd

me: maybe what people think and what I think are different

do you remember the same discussion we had the night about me kissing corey on the cheek? its like that (but I don't kiss john on the cheek) I love john like a brother

11:29pm October 22nd

him: no you dont kiss him on the cheek

you kiss him on the lips

11:30pm October 22nd

me: NEITHER I don't kiss him anywhere!

11:31pm October 22nd

him: well you have your story and alot more people have theirs......its not a rumor, this is first hand eye witness accounts

me: I'm not my eyes I have done nothing wrong. I give john hugs were helping each other through this cause he'll actually listen to my problems and i'll listen to his

I'm tired of defending myself when I'm innocent if you still wanna talk to me about it we can talk before spaish tomorrow

I wouldn't hurt you like that

this morning: i asked him if he wanted to talk about it before spanish, he said he didnt

I think im going to give up, Im sick of this

Thank you if you read this far...sorry if it was a waste of your time

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