Red Sector A video

June 22nd, 2014  

Topic: Red Sector A video

Not a book, movie, but a video by Rush.
Written for lead singer, bass player Geddy Lee's Mother.
My mouth my was agape but closed and I did speak for fifteen minutes afterwards watching video.
No actual footage of concentration camps, but actors that looked and played the parts-
Geddy Lee's parents emigrated to Canada after the camps were liberated. Had other family members perish there.
The video looked so actual, real, with Americans "rescuing" the the emaciated prisoners. One gave a slow salute to a soldier. The soldier reciprocated. I cried.
It looked like real footage. I showed it to my stepson. He wanted to hold the phone.
Asked me who did this?, I told him. Asked about (graphic) the burnings. I told him.
He said " why would people do this?" I told him, "I don't know son."

I don't have the know how yet , or I would have posted the video.
Please look it it up on YouTube.

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