Recruit training stories - Page 2

October 19th, 2004  
Cadet Leadership Academy in Admiral Farraguts in St. Pete Florida is a mini boot camp but is so much fun, my DI called me Lunchbox cuz i was fat and my friend Wells was called Mr. Scratchit because for muster we were standing at attention and the DI walks off and Wells scratches his nose and the DI must have seen it and starts to yell "Hey, Mr Scratchit! You jus gotta scratch don't ya Mister Sturrup? Scratch Scratch Scratch?"
And i called my Master Sergeant a Gunney Sarge and my arse got blasted! It was very profane (MSgt Torres, Ill never forget him!)
October 20th, 2004  
Ill never forget petty officer Eaton! I hated her guts like no other. When i shaved my head she made me spin around in circles like a light hous until her "ships" came in(which sometimes "sank"). R.I.P.