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Reasonable Restrictions
July 19th, 2008  
A Can of Man
Reasonable Restrictions
Aiki, there's a line when it comes to better safe than sorry.
If we were truly better safe than sorry then we'd have a society like North Korea. It is so safe in fact, that it is almost impossible to plant spies in North Korea unless you have a guy who is an actual North Korean who decides to sell you information. And even that sort of arrangement is extremely difficult.
You'd have one agency spying on the people, another spying on the guys spying on the people and another checking on their work, and then another spying in circles.
If you don't know what I mean, install all the virus scanners you can onto your computer including all the free or shareware programs you can get on etc. and then try using your computer for a month. Of course you must turn these on at maximum security settings. You'll probably throw the computer out the window.

Liberty my friend. Liberty. Give me liberty or give me death.

The mall thing was no way common sense. It was called stupidity. Unfortunately stupidity and security guards seem to go hand in hand.
July 19th, 2008  
Del Boy
I well remember that when I was in Poland in 1965 and amongst friends, it was advisable to walk down the middle of the road to have a quiet conversation regarding political matters of any sort.

Also, Here in the UK I do believe that 'common-sense' has been officially rejected in some cases as applicable. I cannot recall if this was in court or on a political issue. I will try to find the case.

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