Read and Smile!!!

December 19th, 2009  

Topic: Read and Smile!!!

I hesitate to let me muckers over the pond (a mucker is a soldiers best pal) know about my autobiography - they may not understand the Queens English haha and they definately might not understand the language I was raised with! such as: ahmya gewin ahkid! means "Hello, how are you" , "gerrat the ossrowd"
means "Please do not walk on the road" and of course "Gizza Fag" translates as
"Please may I have a cigarette!"

Anyway I am sure my muckers across the pond would understand enough to have a good laugh at the "Limey's" experiences of enlisting and serving for 24+ years - funny aint the word!

G'wan tek a peek! You won't regret it !

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