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May 28th, 2010  
OK so I just read someone elses post on here and he said he was starting something called L.O.S.E.R. I think thats GREAT!!! But as for what you said about 30 G's is the most u can make a year u are WAY OFF!!!! I was discharged from the military and never graduated high school or even got a G.E.D. and since I was 16 I've made right about 50 G's a year! Some places dont care about your background or past just what you can do NOW!!!! So try getting out of school join a union and do construction! I mean really I dont know where you live so maybe thats why you dont and cant make more then 30 G's a year but I live in CALI and I wouldnt even wake up or go to school for that kind of money!!! GOOD LUCK THO!!
June 15th, 2010  

Topic: RE-4 Codes

Everything everyone has posted is true....except one thing.

The only jobs that require a good seperation are jobs for the military or law enforcement. I would also say that chances are if you left the military on poor terms your probably are not trying to be a cop or get back in.

No (civilian employers) care about your DD 214. Go to college and get on with your life. The only thing an employer has ever wanted to see from me were my professional references, professional certifications, and proof of graduating from college. You can make good money. The key to success is not your past but learning from stupid mistakes, picking yourself up, and moving forward.

Most of the rhetoric is to scare young people from breaking their enlistment. Let me clarify that I do not know about punitive discharges such as BCD or Dishonorable, but General and OTH are no big deal.
June 16th, 2010  
I dont know if anyone still reads this or not. But if you want even the slightest chance go to type DD FORM 293 (It's the first link) print out the form and Good luck. What's the worst they can tell you? No again?
June 27th, 2010  
Hi guys. I think this is the place to get nice info and an answer to my questions. I enlisted in the Navy when i was 17 years old. Everything was going fine, until the fourth week, when I started having sleepwalking episodes. Never happened before that. The thing is that after the third episode, I was kicked out of the Navy. I joined a Police Department were I worked for 7 years in the department's S.W.A.T. Team. Now I have been working for the U.S Border Patrol for the last 2. I received a RE4 discharge, arguing that I lied about previous sleepwalking episodes before joining the Naval service, which isn't true. The thing is, I want to join my state National Guard, but some guys told me that I can't. But I've also heard that it can be waiver-able. Can You guys give me any help please?
July 3rd, 2010  
OK, I've read every post on this topic. Now here's my UNIQUE situation. I have an HONORABLE DISCHARGE! With seperation code: KDS and RE code RE-4. I know this is unique because not alot of people get an honorable discharge with RE-4. Here's the deal, I was discharged from the Navy because the NAVY (they) breached their side of the contract. Hence the Sep Code: KDS. (Breach of Contract). Now I'm petitioning the navy for an RE code change. I've read that it will never happen but it's worth a try right? NOW my question is this. If they change it, how soon would I be able to re-enlist? Also would I be able to rejoin the Navy or would I have to choose a different branch. Thanks for the help everyone.
July 4th, 2010  
Team Infidel
From what I know.... and I could be wrong, you have to have a two year break in service. If that is the case when you get your RE code changed I think you are good... Talk to a recruiter to be sure.
July 7th, 2010  
can i reenlist with a RE-3, I finished basic and AIT, however i was injuried during basic and did not pass the run part of the physical. I am in the state of Texas can i get a waiver for that code
July 25th, 2010  
Originally Posted by felicia1470
can i reenlist with a RE-3, I finished basic and AIT, however i was injuried during basic and did not pass the run part of the physical. I am in the state of Texas can i get a waiver for that code
Yes you can attempt to get a waiver for a RE-3. The are also going to look at three letter discharge characterization. Go see a recruiter, however be aware that depending on current quotas it may be more difficult than at the begging of a fiscal year. It can also help to go the VA and see if you can get an advocate who can help you with the waiver process.

Good luck to you.
July 25th, 2010  
Originally Posted by wolfen
You denied reenlistment? I thought if you didn't reenlist they just let you go with a RE1 in case you changed your mind. I let my enlistment run out in 88, and got a Re1, went back in, in 89, after 11 months outside, now I'm a "disabled vet" been out since 99 and I have a RE3 Medical

@Wolfen I hear ya man. Was in from 84-87 spent a year out then 88-92. Got my RE3 JFX (personality disorder) after the war, got that waived but then could not get back in due to "Physical Complications relating to overseas service" or some stuff like that. So been rated at a 50% Disability for the so called "Gulf War Syndrome--ahem.. sarin" and other ahh.. lets just say if you argue with a tank.. the tank will always win. @#$@# torsion bars.

November 12th, 2010  

Topic: Ultimatums, tho?

I've been reading through here and my head is officially spinning. It's funny how many varying opinions on the subject there are, and I'll have to go with the "RE-4 is just a number" camp.

I had just turned 18. I was in the recruiting office filling out papers. "Have you ever taken any drugs for any psychological reasons?" - or something along those lines. I wasn't sure if Ritalin was for a psychological reason, or maybe it was considered neurological, or physical, or what. I was legitimately confused. So I asked the recruiter, "For this one, does Ritalin count?" He asked me if I had taken any in the last year. Well ****, I hadn't taken any since I was something like 12. So I told him I hadn't and he quickly, and very nonchalantly said, "Well just go ahead and put no for that." Call me naive but I trusted his opinion.

I'm sent to boot camp, put in a 900 division, and we do amazingly well. I'm sent to BESS, and subsequently, my A-School. I was doing well there. I volunteered for the base ASF (auxiliary security force) post-911. I was the PT leader for my A-School class. Everything was good. Not FELONIOUS.

Suddenly I'm being called into the Navy Lawyer's office and being told that I fraudulently enlisted myself, was having my security clearance revoked, and I might be charged with all of it. I explain my side of the story, and call my older bro who's an officer, and he contacted the CO of my command to vouch for my character. They decide to not charge me with anything because they believe that I was a victim of recruitment ... issues.

The give me an ultimatum. I could either go to surface fleet, go back to boot and into a different branch, or I could get my GENERAL UNDER HONORABLE CONDITIONS discharge (not a felony) with an RE-4.

But this is the part that gets me.... why an ultimatum? Why is someone fit to stay in the military on Monday, but if they decide to leave on Tuesday, they can't come back Wednesday? I was 18, still vainly trying to date a girl from my civilian life, and my folks missed me. It was stupid to leave, but kids do stupid things. Seeing that I know I probably need expert military-legal advice, I'm not sure why I posted on here, but I just wanted to give an example where someone didn't do anything all that "bad" or, ahem, cowardly, and received an re-4.

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