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November 11th, 2013  
Reality is we all make mistakes, some more serious than others. For those with an RE4 it is what it is. I got a Honorable with a RE4 code in 1975 for using my sleepwalking condition as an excuse to get out of boot camp. Fact is I was very immature and just decided I wasn't having any fun so when I found out I was sleepwalking I reported it. Fortunately I had listed sleepwalking on my enlistment papers so the Navy had to give me an Honorable. I don't consider it an Honorable and have regretted that decision my entire life. I've made some mistakes but I've tried to be a good man, quit drinking years ago, I now volunteer with the Red Cross as a Service to the Armed Forces advocate. I have suffered my entire life for that immature decision I made in 1975 and it's only by the Grace of God I've managed to carry on. However truth is it's a harsh world out there and I bit off more than I could chew at the time, but at least I tried. I agreed to stay when I went before the Captains Mast but after being treated like a dog for several days I decided to give up and go home. Shame on me for being so immature at 18, shame on the Navy for taking advantage of that immaturity and not being totally upfront regarding my discharge at the time. Didn't even know what an RE4 was till 3 years later. My suggestion is to move on, do volunteer work, live a Godly life and finish life well.
God Bless....
January 16th, 2015  

Hi to all first I see a lot of you here are confused
and don't have any idea of wha is code 4, please look the
regulations before you offend or say something that you
don't know about anyone else, code 4 is used under a lot of reasons, if you got injured during the war and lost one eye the military will send you to the medical board you will be found no fit for duty, you will be retired permanent
or temporary, you will have a DD214 with honorable discharge with a code of disability and re entry code 4,this will apply to,ptsd,back injured, loss of any limbs, any surgery, any illness while on duty or if got worsen while on duty etc, now if you get dishonorable discharge and code 4 that's a different story, or honorable under other conditions with code 4, yes you better open your own hot dog cart or burger stan, or go to corners or stop light and begged for money
June 11th, 2015  

Topic: kangaroo court

I personaly would not trust an military court as far as I can throw them. I would ask someone with an re code of 4 about their situation first. RE4 dose not mean worthless or bad just that they got rail roaded by the military justice's good old boy network. Cause we all know that military judges never get it wrong right!!!!!! Don't make me laugh they always get it wrong. It's a kangaroo court at best if even that I know I worked in them their broken and need an overhaul military judge's cant be trusted to do the right thing they speak of integrity well I say it's time the judges find some!!! good luck on getting back in man to me it seems like u deserve it as you said you were yunge and immature time the military realizes who their recruiting kids!!!!!!!!!!!
June 18th, 2015  
I can not imagine where you got your education aside from just being straight retarted. You being infantry,."RIGHT"?! that code doesn't mean you were prosecuted by the military. I have an HONORABLE discharge from the ARMY and I was not convicted of any crimes or any other hashtag crap wad you can come up with. your DD214 should be explained to you by your CO, or your mom which ever is smarter.
August 1st, 2015  
How can a man of 40 get in the PMC if you not from the USA. If you are from South Africa were they dont do military training any more but do have firearm training.
August 2nd, 2015  
bunch of *meanies* )P
November 18th, 2015  

Topic: Re:4 upgrade

So, i dont want to lead anyone in the wrong direction. But i want to talk about my situation and get advice. i was medically discharged from the USAF in April of 2014 during my 6th week of BMT. The code i was assigned is a RE 4c. i know what it is and i dont need the definition. This code was falsely assigned to me and im looking to get it upgraded. My recruiter , who was the initial recruiter during my first enlistment, believes the the USAF screwed me on the discharge. My reasoning for discharge was i had an adverse( 1 time) reaction to the Peanut Butter shot ( Penicillin ) . Ive been out for over a year and have not had a single reaction. In my Discharge paper work the Commander over at Lackland stated that i "should" be allowed to reenlist with an approved waiver. The doc on base also stated that i am recommended for reenlistment.I have Both recommendations i have in writing. ..I got a waiver from a civi doc. Is this going to be enough ? on top of upgrading my Re Code ?
November 18th, 2015  
and im also aware of the military voluntelling members to leave, and recent downsizing.. My recruiter strongly believes i can get back in ..
September 23rd, 2016  

Topic: no drug, no misdemeanor, no awol, not a dishonorable discharge

now I have a question, went in '07 got discharged '11 with under honors, re4, but wasnt nothing to bad. jus missed a phone muster because my phone wasnt activated yet the day of the call, it was right after a deployment so i jus spent the day in with my wife at the time n slept n did w.e, every now and then id wake up n check the phone, nothing, go back to sleep, again nothing, my squad leader wasnt the friggin most motivated so most of the time if we had a phone muster he wouldnt ACTUALLY call anyway, so the next day i got a call they been lookin for me but nobody came to my apmt, so that monday i got capt. after p.t, ive been goin thru personal b.s wit the wife and things back home, i barely slept because of the b.s wit the wife, so in turn id miss my alarm n pull up late to p.t...yes i know i ****ed up, i know that the top thing, but deployments they know dam well i did my job i took my training seriously and they could depend on me to get the job done, then i started workin on my divorce because of the b.s...but it was too late capt. mast they already decided to kick me out, general under honors, RE4, "pattern of misconduct" i never considered it a job, it was life...military is life for me...i was obedient, respectful,and did my job...its all ive wanted since i was 8,..i do want back in ive never wanted out would a waiver be possible in this case for the army
March 8th, 2017  

Topic: I might need some info

I was wondering if someone can give me info I looked over the whole internet and navpers sites. My DD 214 says Honorable but my old reserve center refused to transfer me to a different center after I moved from PA to VA. After 3 months of getting the run around telling me to contact the de-tailer and him telling me to contact my NOSC and even contacting the NOSC in VA they discharged me with a General discharge with honorable conditions and an RE 4. I sent all the paperwork to the board of corrections and they still said it was a justified RE code. Does anyone know how to contact someone to help me. Im looking for sympathy just some help if anyone can help or send me on the right path that would be greatly appreciated. I joined in 2002 spent 4 years on a ship then went reserves because my rate was locked up and then did 5 years with the seabees and spent time in afghan all of 2010 then I was stuck with this sh**.

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