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July 16th, 2005  
the picture of the brit rations is way out of date mate our rations are all boil in the bag stuff now. the pork casserole is great so is the meatballs and pasta but the rest is crap
July 18th, 2005  
Haven't had too many yet (thank goodness), but of the ones I've tried, Menu 10 (Chili and Macaroni) was the best. I have a few left over from last year's AT, holding onto them just in case...
August 16th, 2005  

Topic: Re: ...ration pack entree? other item?

did anyone tasted a french combat ration one day ?

i have seen that the foreign soldiers appreciate it a lot during some international exercices.

For me, my prefered entree is "tuna rillette", and the one i hate is "ioled sardine"