February 25th, 2005  
A Can of Man

Topic: Ratel

Originally Posted by bushpig1998

Ratel APC/Recon

That is one beautiful looking vehicle!

Here's some stats on it:

Crew: 4 + 7
Armament: 1 x 20 mm cannon
1 x 7.62 mm MG (coaxial)
7.62 mm MG (anti-aircraft)
1 x 7.62 mm MG (anti-aircraft)
2 x 2 smoke grenade dischargers
Ammunition: 1,200 x 20 mm, 6,000 x 7.62 mm
Length: 7.212 m
Width: 2.516 m
Height (Overall): 2.915 m
Height (Hull Top): 2.105 m
Ground Clearance: 0.34 m
Wheelbase: 2.809 m + 1.4 m
Weight (Combat): 18,500 kg
Weight (Empty): 16,500 kg
Power To Weight Ratio: 15.24 hp / tonne
Engine: D 3256 BTXF 6-cylinder
in-line turbocharged diesel
developing 282 hp at 2,200 rpm
Maximum Road Speed: 105 km / hr
Maximum Range: 1,000 km
Fuel Capacity: 430 lit
Fording: 1.2 m
Vertical Obstacle: 0.6 m
Trench: 1.15 m
Gradient: 60 %
Side Slope: 30 %
Armour: 20 mm (maximum)
Armour Type: Steel
NBC System: No
Night Vision: Optional


That's pretty good... except the lack of NBC protection is a bit of a problem. Look at that top speed! Steel armor too. 20mm cannon... not the biggest thing in the world and certainly not for taking on tanks but not bad against other kinds of vehicles.
Heck, I guess you could shove an anti-tank weapon in the passenger compartment just incase. Though that's really if there's no other option! But with that sort of top speed it'd be tough to kill. Not to mention the smoke. And check out all those machine guns
Can anyone with a better grasp of cars tell me how the engine performance etc. on this thing looks on paper?
February 25th, 2005  
Whispering Death
Yeah, that looks pretty cool... what is it, russian?
February 25th, 2005  
It is South African.

The South Africans caused havoc amongst Angolan government troops when they have shown up in the bush, circulating enemy positions and firing all they had into it while always moving.
There is a wide range of this vehicle category the South Africans used in Namibia and Angola. The idea of them was to provide mine protectes vehicles for bush war which were fast, protected the troops and gave a good combat platform for all kind of systems.
Even years after the war when the South Africans send UN contingents for demining activities to Angola (using the same vehicles painted white and without guns) they caused panic in remote villages that knew the vehicles (and their effect) from war time.

There is a good book on the development of this vehicle category, the title is "Taming the land mine" (forgot the author).

Here some links:




February 25th, 2005  
A Can of Man
global security says:
"In its primary role the Ratel is fitted with a 20 mm or 90 mm gun"
Meaning this thing can even be a light tank.
February 25th, 2005  
yeah i like it, the IDF should trial this, or some up-to-date version of this
February 25th, 2005  
The ratel 90 is fitted with the anti tank weapon and was used very effectively in the anti-tank role. The poorly trained angolan tank crews couldn't get the t54's to swing around fast enough to catch up with the ratels, so the ratels would just circle around a group of cuban/angolan tanks and let rip into them. They are very fast and can really crash through the bush. Anti mine protection is excellent. If I'm not mistaken, I heard rumours of the USMC looking at purchasing a few of these for ops in Iraq (protection agains IED's). A very intimidating vehicle. There are even come versions with 2 anti-tank missiales mounted on a turret.


See this site for a complete lineup of all ratel variants:
February 25th, 2005  
BTW, the engine, with only 280 HP is more than enough on a Ratel. 280 doesn't sound like much, but take the vehicles' relatively light weight into consideration. This isn't a tracked (which takes more HP) vehicle or Tank with heavy armor. It's speed is its greatest defense...that and the fact that it is super quiet for a diesel. The SA forces snuck up on the terrs quite frequently. And then POW! without warning their world was turned upside down. Another vehicle used during angola was the Casspir


apologies, I mentioned earlier that the USMC bought Ratels....I got it messed up. I must have been reading this:

February 26th, 2005  
A Can of Man
Yeah when I just looked up the attributes on this thing I was wondering why more Armies around the world hadn't adopted it. It seems like an excellent vehicle. You could easily get it upgraded with the latest electronics if you needed to. It's battle proven, packs a good punch and has a decent cargo space. Plus the mine protection.
You gotta give it to the South Africans. They know how to survive in a very tough part of the world.
February 27th, 2005  
I like the 90mm variant, packs a punch, while having speed.
February 27th, 2005  
A Can of Man
I wonder what sacrifices it had to make to accomodate the bigger gun though.