Random Yankees Rant

October 29th, 2007  
The Other Guy

Topic: Random Yankees Rant

Now, I in no way like the Yankees. Being a fan of the little guy, I depsise the yankees right down to my very soul. However, I'm watching how they're starting to lose it.

It seems to me that Steinbrenner's kids are running the team from the backseat. The control of the team is shifting to them anyway.

Torre's gone. A-Rod is leaving. Posada, Rivera, and others may follow. This is a lot of load falling on the sholders of Melky Cabrera. Their farm system is unimpressive. They're not doing the best job of spending money. (ex. $26.5 million to a guy that is about 15 years away from being a senior citizen) And biggest of all, they're leaving Yankee Stadium.

The Romans are falling. It's like a train wreck in slow motion. The house that Ruth built will be superseded by the house that Steinbrenner built.

Let this be the end for awhile. And let everyone rip them for leaving Yankee Stadium.
October 29th, 2007  
Team Infidel
well, I am a Yankees fan and I am sure ol Stienbrenner will buy himself a new team shortly...
October 29th, 2007  
Well I hate Stienbrenner, hes a terrible owner, but the Yankees needed a new stadium. Its right next to the old one, its being built in the old parking lot.
October 30th, 2007  
Oh, come on, Yankee Stadium looks great. I like the old-fashion stadium better than new. The Cubs or Red Sox haven't build the new stadium just like the Yankees, you know what I mean?
October 30th, 2007  
The Other Guy
If you're going to build one next door just like the old one, then why do you need a new one?

And it's not like their revenue isn't high enough already.

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