Random Trivia for the Cadets

October 6th, 2004  

Topic: Random Trivia for the Cadets

Got some trivia here that might be a little easier than the ones in the other places. Awards will be given out depending on how many questions you get right. Im pretty broke so it wont be tons. sorry. they will start off easy and gradually get harder.

(1) - Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada
(2) - Canada recently purchased a used sub from somwhere near Scotland.What name was this sub given at the re-naming ceremony?
(3) - In the movie Full Metal Jacket, how is the subject of the duality of man brought up and which to people were involved with this chat?
(4) - Who is the Premiere of BC?

October 6th, 2004  
1.) John A. Macdonald, however, some think that Robert Baldwin and Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine were the first.

2.) The sub is the HMCS Chicoutimi (most recent of four purchases), however, it caught fire a couple days ago going from Scotland to Halifax and will be out of commission.

3.) Peace emblem on jacket. Col. & Joker.

4.) Gordon Campbell
October 6th, 2004  
i new tht those would be too easy. how do i give you a reward. please pm me to let me know.
October 7th, 2004  
heres some more

(1) - full title for C SCOT R (Army)
(2) - Mayor for Victoria City
(3) - how many stars on the US flag? (dont cheat by looking)
(4) - how long is one day on planet neptune?
October 7th, 2004  
1) Canadian Scottish Regiment

2) Mayor Alan Lowe

3) 50 stars

4) 16.1 earth hours
October 7th, 2004  

Topic: Half-staff, people...

UPDATE ON THE CHICOUTIMI: One of the sailors that was burned in the fire died as he was being airlifted to Britain for treatment.
October 16th, 2004  
rotc boy
u know, they could just google search it for the answers. gj.
October 17th, 2004  
That's what everyone on here does anyway, bud.
October 19th, 2004  
Wow, those are some seriously weird questions, i got some of my own
Who was the Minister of Labor in Nazi Germany?
What was Operation Chromite?
What rank was given to George Washington by Congress (It is discontinued)?
What person was adwarded 5 Navy Crosses?
October 19th, 2004  
Addendum to Question 3
What was the highest Rank given George Washington by Congress