The RAF urgently needs new transport

July 5th, 2007  

Topic: The RAF urgently needs new transport

RAF 'needs new planes urgently'

Last Updated: 2:24am BST 05/07/2007

The RAF urgently needs new transport aircraft because its ageing fleet is struggling to cope with the pace of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, an influential committee of MPs warned today.
Ageing fleet: An RAF Hercules C130K transport

The Commons defence committee said there were "real doubts'' that the elderly Hercules transports, TriStars and VC10s - some 40 years old - could last out until replacements became available early in the next decade.
It said the Ministry of Defence should urgently consider ordering more of the new generation of A400Ms, produced by the Airbus consortium, and giant Boeing C17s to ensure it could rapidly move troops and equipment to trouble spots around the world. The MPs called for an assurance that all the A400Ms would be fitted with electronic defensive aid systems to protect against missile attacks, and fuel tank inertion systems to protect against fire.
Ten servicemen were killed in 2005 - the biggest single UK loss of life in Iraq - when an RAF Hercules was shot down. It is thought the crash occurred when vapour inside a fuel tank in the Hercules's wings exploded after being hit by enemy ground fire.
Most of the RAF's Hercules fleet is not fitted with special foam to prevent such explosions.

The committee said that it was "very concerned" that last November only 41 of the 75 Hercules, TriStar and VC10 aircraft - about 55 per cent - were available to undertake "required tasks".
While modifications are often the reason for aircraft not being available, maintenance is also a key factor and reflects the fact that the MoD has an ageing transport and tanker aircraft fleet, which is being flown at an unexpectedly high level in very punishing conditions, the report said.
While new transport and tanker aircraft have been ordered it will be some years before they enter service.
The report said that the planned new fleet of 25 A400Ms - which will replace the Hercules C130Ks - was 15 months behind schedule and would not be available until spring 2011.

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July 6th, 2007  
any chance for them to get the new transport airplane called Spartan on time?
July 6th, 2007  

Topic: For RAF ?

I thought Spain, Italy, Bulgaria,and a few more maybe's but nothing on the RAF.

Here some info links
August 12th, 2007  
spartan is to small and lacks the range of Herc's why replace an aging aircraft with a newer less capable one?

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