Racial violence erupts in Sydney

Racial violence erupts in Sydney
December 12th, 2005  

Topic: Racial violence erupts in Sydney

Racial violence erupts in Sydney
Racial violence erupts in Sydney

BBC News
Sunday, 11 December 2005

Thousands of young white men have converged on Cronulla Beach in Sydney, Australia, and attacked people of Arabic and Mediterranean background.

Police and ambulance officers were pelted with beer cans and bottles, and an ambulance was attacked.

Several people were injured in the alcohol-fuelled violence, and at least 12 were arrested.

The authorities have condemned the outbreak of racial violence as "not the Australian way".

By Sunday night, the violence appeared to have spread to a second beach suburb, Maroubra, where men armed with baseball bats reportedly attacked cars.

And police said a man was stabbed in the back in south Sydney in what media reports said appeared to be further racial violence.

The clashes follow assaults a week ago on two volunteer lifeguards at the southern Sydney beach, reportedly by youths of Arabic and Mediterranean backgrounds.

Mobile phone text messages began circulating after the beatings, encouraging people to retaliate on Sunday and employing racial slurs.

'Not Australian'

Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Goodwin said innocent people had been targeted.

"The behaviour that's been seen down here at Cronulla today is nothing short of disgusting and disgraceful," he said. "It's certainly not the Australian way."

The area's Mayor, Kevin Schreiber, accused the mob of looking for a fight.

"As mayor and as a resident of Cronulla, I'm devastated by what has occurred on our beachfront," he said.

"It is the actions of a few, but let's not kid ourselves that people didn't come from far and wide to participate."

The president of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, Keysar Trad, accused the media of whipping up racial tension.

"Sections of the media took this issue far too far, and one can only surmise that the way these issues was dealt with on talk-back radio amounts to incitement," he said.

Sydney has many beaches, but Cronulla is one of a few that is easily accessible by train and is often visited by young people from the poorer suburbs of western and southern Sydney.

Area residents accuse the visitors of being disrespectful and of sometimes intimidating other beach-goers.

December 12th, 2005  
yeah this is really nasty. aparently they are sick of the gangs but instead of acting against the gangs they are going after anyone and everyone who to them looks suspicious.

not good.
mob attitude is bad.
drunken mob attitude is.... well, lets just hope the cops put a very tight lid on it while something is done about addressing the core issue
December 12th, 2005  
These are teh things that make me cynical. To say in a beach resort "they looke Arabic or Meditarenian"... what the hell are you thinking. If I lay in the sun long enough I look Meditarenian as well! It is called sun bathing. And this xenophobic attitude has made the news before, but that it could explode so quickly and on this scale...pfff who would have thought.

When I thought of Australie, I thought of Neighbours, Kylie, Rugby and Kangaroos. Now I think of Bali, Xenophobia and racial riots.... What is the world coming to?
Racial violence erupts in Sydney
December 12th, 2005  
Chief Bones

Topic: Not new

This behavior is nothing new. After Pearl Harbor (Japanese) and 9/11 (individuals of mid-eastern appearance) were targets of hate biased behavior. Attacks, racial slurs, thrown rocks and garbage are just a few of the things that were carried out by normally peaceful and well mannered individuals - hangings, beatings, whippings and various other depraved assaults led to deaths and maimings. Human nature is to attack those who appear different and dangerous even when the target is perfectly innocent. You can call it xenophobic, I just call it BAD human behaviour. Sometime it is mob centered, sometimes it's from a personal hatred and sometimes it's just plain bad manners caused by excessive drink.

Whatever the cause, innocent people were attacked via "lynch law" and must NOT be tolerated in any form.
December 12th, 2005  
Well Chief, I reckon we can make the equation: xenophobia = bad human behaviour!
December 12th, 2005  
I was listening to it live on an online police scanner. Pretty frightening stuff going on down in Cronulla.
Also there's an incident going on down in Lakemba, apparently there is a mob around the mosque there right now. Not very violent fortunatly, but there is that chance

These white supremicists are a real menace to our society, and so are the Leb, and Arab gangs. Something seriously needs to be done about them. I think Howards new sedation clause just found some use.
But that would only fix it short term.
December 12th, 2005  

Topic: Second night of race violence

Second night of race violence

SEVEN people have been injured, cars and shops trashed, and rock and flares hurled at police in a second consecutive night of mob violence in Sydney.

Eleven men were arrested as a new wave of unrest hit the city overnight in apparent reprisal attacks for Sunday's race riot at Cronulla, where alcohol-fuelled mobs chased and bashed people of Middle Eastern appearance.

The trouble began last night when a group of 200 mostly Muslim men gathered at Lakemba Mosque, in Sydney's south-west, apparently after rumours that an attack on the building was imminent.

Rocks and flares were thrown at police trying to disperse the group, and a female constable was injured when a projectile struck her leg.

Police were also hit with projectiles as a crowd of about 100 people gathered for a second night in Brighton-le-Sands, in Sydney's south. Two police cars were damaged and rubbish bins were thrown at shopfronts as officers attempted to control the crowd.

A family was forced to move out of their apartment after their five-month-old son narrowly escaped being injured when a bottle was thrown through their apartment window, shattering the glass.

At Cronulla, about 50 men arrived in cars last night before rampaging through the beach community, smashing car windows and shopfronts with baseball bats.

Gunshots were heard near the Northies Hotel, opposite north Cronulla beach, where some of the worst violence was seen on Sunday.
Meanwhile, more than 30 molotov cocktails and crates of rocks were found during a rooftop search at south Maroubra, not far from where a mob smashed car windows on Sunday.

Cricket bats, rocks and iron bars were also confiscated by police monitoring about 100 people who gathered near Maroubra beach.
Six people were arrested at Cronulla and on the Kingsway, in nearby Caringbah, after shops and vehicles were attacked.

Two men and three youths were arrested at Maroubra beach after police discovered a replica pistol in the bushes.

Police said the injured included a Bexley couple attacked as they left a restaurant in Caringbah about 10pm (AEDT).

A 35-year-old Lansvale man suffered head injuries and severe facial bruising after being attacked at a youth hostel at Caringbah. He was taken to Sutherland hospital in a stable condition.

A 45-year-old Cronulla man suffered broken ribs and head injuries when he was attacked as he put his rubbish bin out on the street.

A 51-year-old Woolwooware man suffered a broken arm after he was attacked with a baseball bat at Cronulla.

Details of the seventh person's injuries could not be confirmed.

Police are braced for further violence after new text messages, including one declaring war between Sydney's Middle Eastern youths and Australians, began circulating.

The new messages follow a round of similar ones sent last week, calling for retaliation after an attack on surf lifesavers at Cronulla on December 3.
One of the new messages congratulates Australians for the fight they put up against the Lebanese at Cronulla during Sunday's riots, and called for more attacks.

"We'll show them! It's on again Sunday," The Australian newspaper reported the message said.

Another warned of retaliation from the Middle Eastern groups.

"The Aussies will feel the full force of the Arabs as one - 'brothers in arms' unite now..." it read.

Another called for "straight up WAR. The leb's/wogs won't stand for this". Police have formed a task force to try to prevent a repeat of Sunday's riots, which have been condemned by NSW Premier Morris Iemma.

December 13th, 2005  
Alan Jones: Im the person who led this charge

December 13th, 2005  

Topic: Cronulla

How many of you live there?

How many of you have had to put up with the REMOVED dished out by the gangs of "men of middle eastern appearance" for year after year?

How many of you can look past the violence and see the cause of the problem?

The bottom line is if the police had done their job, or more to the point, been allowed to do their job none of this would have happened.

mod edit: watch the language!!
December 13th, 2005  
This was inevitable. Whenever immigrants enter a new country in massive numbers, and REFUSE to assimilate into the mainstream culture and language or their adopted country, there will always be resentment ansd hostility from the natives.

Muslims, more so than most other groups, choose to retain the language and culture of their country of origin. This, quite naturally, brings about suspicion and hostility from the natives.

The question will always be asked, "If you didn't wish to become an Australian (or whatever else is applicable) then why the hell did you come here on the first place?" The same question is legitimately asked of Mexicans entering the U.S., and both muslims and Africans relocating to Europe and Great Britian.

Whether this attitude is right or wrong is not the question. It is basic human nature, and has been throughout history.