Quinn sports USC jersey after losing bet with Peete

October 25th, 2007  
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Topic: Quinn sports USC jersey after losing bet with Peete

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Quinn sports USC jersey after losing bet with Peete

Posted: Wednesday October 24, 2007 10:31PM; Updated: Wednesday October 24, 2007 10:51PM

BEREA, Ohio (AP) -- Browns rookie quarterback Brady Quinn reached into the back of his locker, pulled out the cardinal-and-gold No. 10 jersey and gritted his teeth.
"This," he said, "is going to hurt."
Quinn, the former Notre Dame star, then slipped the Southern California jersey over his head and felt his skin crawl.
"That's why I've got extra layers on," he said. "So it doesn't actually touch any part of my body."
Quinn had to wear USC's colors on Wednesday after losing a be with former Trojans quarterback Rodney Peete over last week's game between Notre Dame and Southern Cal.
USC trounced Notre Dame 38-0, the Trojans' largest margin of victory in the 79-game history between the bitter rivals.
Quinn and Peete met last year at an awards banquet and have kept in touch since.
"We made a little friendly bet," Quinn said. "We (Notre Dame) didn't pull it out last Saturday, so I'm owning up to it."
Surely, Quinn got some points in the wager. After all, Notre Dame is 1-7 and USC is 6-1.
"It's a pride bet," Quinn said. "C'mon now. You don't bet points. I got faith in my guys."
Quinn, who is from Dublin, Ohio, said he was briefly recruited by USC but never considered going there.
"I really had no desire whatsoever," he said. "They recruited me a little bit. I committed earlier in the process."
When he finished with his interview, Quinn quickly ripped off the jersey and slam dunked it into a nearby garbage can.
A few minutes later, Browns linebacker Willie McGinest, a former USC All-American, confronted Quinn in front of his locker. McGinest wanted to know what Quinn had done with the jersey.
"You acting up?" McGinest said.
"I didn't make the bet with you," Quinn said.
October 25th, 2007  
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still the worst Notre Dame team in history...

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