Questions about my MOS 19 kilo, basic at Ft. Knox - Page 2

August 27th, 2009  
how long after ait you will deploy all depends on where you go. Your being on a stryker versus an abrams also depends on that. I'm a 19 Kilo Staff Sergeant on tour 3 in Iraq right now, so this info is good and current. Just after you switch from the "basic" to the "ait" portion of your OSUT, you will receive orders to your first duty station. If you get orders to a station that has strykers (Lewis, Alaska, Hawaii, Germany) then you will do an additional 2 weeks of training at the end of your AIT in order to get your "R4" identifier. If you get orders to an "A2" post (Ft Bliss, Ft Carson, Ft Hood (whice is where I am stationed)) then you will recive special A2 tank training, but it will not extend your AIT. If you get orders to an A1 post (Korea, Riley, Benning, Stewart, Irwin) then you will only get the basic course. As an E4 you will get no special treatment in training, but it will matter at your unit. Usually the lowest ranking man on the tank is the loader (since the NCOs can keep an eye on him) and then you will move to driver. After you spend some time driving and are ready to be an NCO, you will move to a gunner position. Is it worth it? Hell yes. I've spent 6 out of 10 year in the Army overseas and I've loved almost every minute of it. The Abrams tank is the one of the most lethal ground platforms ever devised by man, and I think 19Kilo is the best MOS in the Army. Now, that being said, prepare yourself for the deployments. And I don't mean to rain on your parade, but we are past the days in Iraq where we could use tanks in the city, so don't expect to use a tank in Iraq unless something bad happens. It's all MRAPs and humvees now, so don't get depressed when it happens to you. The time for tanks was 2003-2007 when we could actually shoot stuff with main gun. Those days are over, but I'm telling you, when you see that tank fire for the first time in ait, you will fall in love. Hope this helped and good luck with your training. Stay positive and you will enjoy yourself!!
August 17th, 2010  
i had the same question i ship out for basic and ait in january2011 and my mos is 19k and i was wondering what the specific requirements are im 6'1 about 200 lbs so i might have to find a way to get shorter