Question: USMC Open Contract? MOS 0621/0612

July 9th, 2005  

Topic: Question: USMC Open Contract? MOS 0621/0612

Is it just me, or does everyone who joins the Marine Corps sign an open contract? I ask this because I was promised nothing by my recruiter and remembered that before swearing in my paper work said I understood that nothing was guaranteed

My ship date is 12 Sept. 2005 and my recruiter had informed me that I had got MOS 0621 (Radio Operator)
Because this is not in my paperwork for enlistment, how likely am I to actually get this MOS?

Also, I had asked for MOS 0612 (Field Wireman) but my recruiter must have misunderstood me and got me 0621 and told me that 0612 was unavailiable. Would it be possible to be cross-trained as a field wireman anytime during my service? Or atleast get an apprenticeship in that area?

BTW, just to let you guys know what my conversation with him went like, here is the basic

Recruiter: So what do you want for you MOS (after I have already sworn in)
Me: Field Wireman
Recruiter: Ah, RO
Me: No, Field Wireman
Recruiter: Yeah, RO
Me: Oh..............O.K.

Yeah, im a dumb@$$ and this doesnt surprise me
July 10th, 2005  
you always sware into the USMC w/ an open contract, after you swear in while your in DEP is when your recruiter will start filling out paperwork for your MOS. if your in the 06xx MOS's there is a probability that you can get "cross-trained." since you will probably be around those guys im sure a couple of them woudnt mind teaching you the job.
July 11th, 2005  
What Milidar said. Most comm shops have Wire Dogs and RTO's in them and most Comm Chiefs will be more than happy to have you cross train if time is available.

One of my best friends started out in the old 2531 field radio operator MOS and ended up getting a secondary of Wire Dog with OJT while with an Arty battery. Looked good at promotion time.
July 12th, 2005  
its teh same thing w/ us flightliners, were around AVI guys so hey if we can hook up w/ 1 of them and start doing AVI jobs as well as our flightline/crewchief jobs, then its better for us and makes the squadron happy . oh and 03, can you get me a bucket of rotorwash please?
July 12th, 2005  
Originally Posted by MilidarUSMC
oh and 03, can you get me a bucket of rotorwash please?
Sure. It's in the Whiskey Locker right next to the Cans of Back Blast and boxes of grid squares. Take as much as you need.
July 12th, 2005  
I started out as a 2531 and w/ in a year had a secondary MOS of 2512. Not that it was much of a difference, all the Comm shops worked well together, for the most part. Good Luck, Semper Fi.