question on reclass to 12B/Combat Engineer/sapper

July 26th, 2013  

Topic: question on reclass to 12B/Combat Engineer/sapper

Hey guys,

I am in a non combat MOS right now in the army reserves headed to the sand box soon. I want to do something more exciting and challenging. I have a chance when I get back to reclass because I am getting promoted out of the unit. (got individual Mob orders before E5 made it through the board). I would love to be a 12B combat engineer. Mostly because it would help me out on the civilian side a lot more than my current MOS, and because it seems like a very exciting, physically and mentally challenging job. Also I feel like I could make a bigger impact and serve the greater good a little more. Its something I think I would excel at.

My questions:
-What is the 12B reclass school like, and what should I expect if I am able to do it?

-What is a battle assembly like in a sapper unit?

-What kind of things should I do to prepare myself both physically and mentally for this change in MOS?

Thanks in avance for the feedback!

October 18th, 2013  

Topic: 12B Reclass


Did you got to the 12B reclass?

If so, what should I expect?

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