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January 17th, 2011  
c/CSM Henson, T.
Well, I go to Permian High School. Maybe you've heard of it? Friday Night Lights ring any bells? Well anyways, hazing aint changed much here, add more mexicans and blacks and there ya go. I used to be picked on 4-the begining of my freshman year. Then i finally grew a pair and quit jus puttin up with it. It took one time. This guy named... well ill jus say his last name, Peters. Well iv been to alot of different schools and moved alot. But anyways, this guy messed with me alot freshman year, then one day i got sick of it and almost had a similar plan as the guy who started this thread, we own 10 acres so i had it all planned out. Luckyily i calmed down and sufficed to beat the dog **** out of him on day. After that noone messed with me anymore.
SO, a note to all kids picked on. If you get sick of it one day and cant take it, dont go shoot up the whole school. Simply prepare yerself, teach the main bully a lesson, and continue on yer way. Dont change who you are or who you hang out with, jus do the deed and noone will mess with you after that.

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