Question i just cannot compute. [ vietnam war ]

June 3rd, 2013  

Topic: Question i just cannot compute. [ vietnam war ]

So i was recently helping someone with an essay question and the question itself puzzled me.

If im not wrong, from a military point of view we were successful during the Vietnam war? But turmoil back home was the problem?
The question was as follows:

explain why the us, from a military perspective was unable to successfully fight the
vietnam war. What about the vietnam war and U.S Strategies in the war made it so problematic
for the us? provide specific examples, statistics, and policies in your response
June 3rd, 2013  
No, I'm not going to write your essay for you, there must be 1 million references to the Vietnam War on the Internet and the part that the US took in that war.

I think you'll find that the general consensus is that we (the coalition forces) sued for peace in Paris as the war was so unpopular, and the government never had any other honourable way of running away from it.

In hindsight we may say that we had them on the ropes, but we had no idea of that at the time and the North Vietnamese were not giving any such indications. In fact I think this story has been "sexed up" for public consumption and help wipe some of the egg off the faces of those in power.

My advice is that you start by consulting something like Wikipedia and work from there. You don't have to accept what any individual site says, but you should definitely get some indication as to what the truth is.

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