A Question for the Artillery guys/Mortarmen

September 20th, 2006  

Topic: A Question for the Artillery guys/Mortarmen

I am an AF Security Forces guy with little to no knowledge of artillery so I have two questions.

#1 Is about my time in Iraq (which was as a civilian security guy). We took a lot of incoming mortar rounds and rockets and I was wondering what the US sizes were and if anyone knows what they AIF (Anti-Iraqi Forces) were shooting. I think we took some 60mm mortars Some 81 or 82mm mortars, and some 107 and 120mm rockets? Like I said I am not sure about the sizes so I am asking if anyone knows or if you can tell me the standard US sizes so I can figure it out myself. I have a lot of pictures and want to know what the rounds are that caused the damage.

#2 I wanted to know if anyone can tell me the different types of fire, like fire for effect and whatever else there might be? Thanks for the help......
September 20th, 2006  
Long time since you been here now Rotty, welcome back..

I'll leave #1 for the US guys, but you can find a lot of info on #2 here:

Hope this helps..
September 20th, 2006  
Team Infidel
I know that they have been using Katyusha rockets. Most everything else you mentioned is on their list.
September 20th, 2006  
I'd guess they'd use whatever they can get. As far as US mortar munitions go, there are 60mm, 81mm, and 4.2" (107mm) rounds in use. The arty uses 105mm, 155mm and 120mm rounds are used by armor. 82mm are not US.
Maybe if you post a couple of pics, we might be able to help ID them a bit.
As far as the different types of fire missions go, what does that really matter? I mean if you're catching one to 3 rounds at a time they're either registering your position (as a target) or just harassing you. If it's raining metal, you're on the wrong end of a Fire for Effect mission. There are lots of other missions but that's it in a nutshell.
September 20th, 2006  
I was curious about the types of fire missions for my own gee whiz knowledge not to figure out what kind of missions were hitting us. They were not organized enough to be conducting different missions. They were using tubes that were welded into pickup beds (not adjustable). LOL

I will get some pics up soon and see if you guys can help me out.....
September 21st, 2006  
#2 I wanted to know if anyone can tell me the different types of fire, like fire for effect and whatever else there might be? Thanks for the help......
I must have misinterpreted this part of your post I guess, sry.
March 27th, 2007  
Seems to be the case that the Iraqis are using their Mortars as an indirect fire weapon in an unobserved fire situation, as the Iraqis are tossing out a few rounds and driving away. There is no time to correct fire and then fire for effect, as it is a harassment type of attack to begin with, and if they stuck around to adjust fire.... well, they would be killed.
There are 2 ways to send the Mortar Round down range towards its target.... one being deflection and elevation adjustments on the Tube, which I do not believe the Iraqis have time for, as I would think the Tube is preset, and the other being the increment bags on the Round itself, which I also believe is predetermined for the most part with regards to the Iraqis and the bulk of their attacks on US Bases.
In my own opinion I believe the Iraqis use GPS and an Internet Mapping or imaging system to gage distance, then mark off a spot on the street or curb knowing ahead of time how many charges to use on the Round itself, most likely from target practice out in the desert away from everyone else, perhaps even in another country, then they stop the Truck on a predetermined spot with the Mortar in the back, and, fire off a few Rounds, then drive away quickly.
If there are OPFOR Iraqis looking at the Base as it comes under attack they can do mathematical calculations to walk the Mortars around the base for any future attacks.

It's like shooting a basket in Basketball, you know how much force to put on the ball to get it from where you are to the basket because of doing it over and over, the difference is you can see the basket, where as with the Mortar Round it may be coming over buildings, but they know the general direction of the Base, and like I say, I believe they mark the streets so as to just stop the Truck and know how many increment bags to use to just lob a few in.

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