Question about joining

July 16th, 2010  

Topic: Question about joining

i was recently going to join the army i took a drug screen at my recruiters office and passed but when i went to meps i came back positive on my test. i did not cheat on any of the test nor did i smoke any but my recruiter told me i would have to get a waiver form but the army was not giving them right know he told me to check with marines. i was wondering what i have to do to get a wavier and if there is anything i can do to get the waiver to go through and whats my chances of getting a wavier and is there any restrictions on jobs if i do get a wavier. i tested positive for thc. it was month since i smoked and i only smoked once dont smoke every day. my family and me was so dissapointed in myself so any help to redeem myself will be greatly appreciated

July 17th, 2010  
Nope, you´re screwed.
Should never have done drugs..

Think about it for a bit, the Army has lots of recruits that have never done dope.
Why should they go out on a limb to get you in when you have shown that you don´t have enough selfcontrol to stay off drugs?
Even more important, somewhere along the line IF you should get in someone might be forced to trust you with their life.
Would you put that kind of trust in the hands of a dopehead?

Just asking, and if you care enough about this answer these questions honestly to yourself.

Have a nice life..

July 19th, 2010  
Forget it.
You don't want it bad enough to make what is a simple requirement.
Anybody who smokes knows how long it is testable.
I would not give you my 6.
I want someone I know is there.

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