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September 17th, 2008  
Jade Rat
Originally Posted by Cdt Matteo
Hey, I'm having lots of trouble with pushups and I can't do anymore than 22ish (sometimes 25). I'm doing my pushups right but I just can't do as many as I would like to. I do them every day, about 120 (20 each) but I can't get it over 20 per repitition. I'm stuck and being stuck at 20 pushups and Army Reserve in 2 years (33rd Combat Engineer Battalion), that isn't good. Could anyone give me some tips of any sort to improve my number of pushups per repetition?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Thanks a lot in advance.[/quote]

I used to really suck at push ups it was one of my hardest areas to prepare for, but i tried a program that worked wonders- i got from 15 push ups in 2 minuets to 48 in two minuets in about 3 months this is how it works.

This book http://search.barnesandnoble.com/boo...chael%2DVolkin

helped immensely, i followed it's training schedule and i made significant progress- enough to pass the APFT before i even enter.

The program worked like this:

You set the timer to two minutes and do as many push ups as you can. When the time expires you quickly write down the number and immediately do "Diamond push ups" until your muscles fail. Rest 4 minuets and repeat.

Do it for a total of 3 'sets' Push up, diamond, rest (1 set) Rest a day- then just do it every other day.

Resting your muscles is just as important as working them out..of course after you work them out..
September 17th, 2008  
Also helps to adjust position of hands, width between the hands and elevation of the body, do as many sets as your need but do at least 250 a day and should be ready to go in quicklike fashion.
September 17th, 2008  
Jade Rat
How soon are you going to enter? I'm fortunate enough to have another year until i plan on entering, (September 11th 2009) and i completed the training program back around last March.

It dose hurt your wrists after a while though, especially diamond push ups- but hell it works and if you want a tested method that works the program works coming from my experiences with it at least.
September 17th, 2008  
In addition to my #32 post, I would also suggest in your however many, but at least 250 a day, one set ought to be a max set, the max set should be no less than 50 at one time.
Adjust the speed you do them, practice full range of motion as well as not all the way up and not all the way down too. Generally, the not all the way up/down ones ought to be as fast as possible.

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