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View Poll Results :when in the world is the purist English spoken?
England 16 53.33%
Scotland 6 20.00%
Ireland 1 3.33%
Wales 1 3.33%
USA 5 16.67%
Canada 0 0%
Australia 1 3.33%
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September 29th, 2007  
This is obviously a trick question but is quite easily answered when you think about it for a moment.

The English language is constantly changing and has been since it's beginnings. So at the moment the language being spoken in England is the only true "English". Whatever is being spoken elsewhere is English based but not "pure".
November 29th, 2007  
England, here in the U.S. we speak and spell American. For example the English spell color as colour.
December 1st, 2007  
The Other Guy
yes, the dumbed down americanized version.
December 1st, 2007  
I guess it's pretty much a matter of "whatever rocks your boat", but if you say that you are going to speak and teach "English" you've got to accept that English is just that, and if you change the way you speak it or write it, it becomes something else.

I would say that I speak Australian and write English as we use the English forms of spelling. Night, colour, foot path etc., rather than nite, color and sidewalk. I have no beef with either as the English language must be one of the most confusing and hard to learn languages on earth, a little simplification and clarification would do no harm whatsoever.

Small differences in pronunciation are of little significance, as there are more variations of pronunciation within England than there are elsewhere.