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View Poll Results :when in the world is the purist English spoken?
England 16 53.33%
Scotland 6 20.00%
Ireland 1 3.33%
Wales 1 3.33%
USA 5 16.67%
Canada 0 0%
Australia 1 3.33%
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January 28th, 2005  
is there anything to back up that they speak the "purest" english??
inverness, i know that name, what is it famous for?
January 28th, 2005  

Topic: dunno

I dunno if there is anything on the net for it. But its known round scotland for it and the past, also in musuems.

I'll ask my aunt, she knows alot but I won't beable to find out for a few days.

It was something I was taught as a little girl and it came up in convo a while ago between friends and were shocked that we actually all knew where it is from lol

Inverness has the murry firth...........plus they filmed some of bravehearts fight scenes just off there.

But it is true. Mostly the older generation will tell you. Younger generation don't have a clue yet we did cus it got stamped into us lol
January 28th, 2005  
It depends on the definition of "pure". Does it mean the least changed? Does it mean accepted by the most people?

"The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse *****. We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary."
- James D. Nicoll

"English is the result of Norman men-at-arms attempting to pick up Saxon barmaids and is no more legitimate than any of the other results."
- H. Beam Piper
January 28th, 2005  
Lets see if the intelligence of this site can be put to some good research use.
Well take a look at your poll question again

Off the North Coast of Scotland there are a bunch of little Islands Ilse of Sky etc.

They speak the actual Queens English.

But the purist English in the world is spoken in a town in Scotland called Inverness
Do you mean like Shakespeare and stuf.

I find it hard to belive Scotland since its Gealic, and who said Ireland cause Irish is our frist spoken and french in Canda and Welsh in wales. And USA is a coloney
January 29th, 2005  
The Scottish is the best sounding dialect in the world in my opinion Just love it, those bagpipes aswell, can't get enough of it, uless I have a headace hehe
January 30th, 2005  
they had the edinburgh military tattoo on TV the other day, that is ace to watch, i highly reccommend it
March 12th, 2005  
In Newfoundland, many settlers came from England starting in the 1500s. They settled around isolated bays and coves. Many an outport had settlers all from one region in England, while the next cove a few miles over -- but unaccessible -- would have a population from a totally different area. And due their isolation, the languages did not evolve as they did like in England, Canada, America, i.e. areas with more outside contact; they stayed more static. Even now, some Newfoundland dialects employ older English regional grammars and vocabularies: use of "ye" to adress more than one person; use of 3rd person singular for all present tense verbs; use of "bes" as an intensive for present tense "to be"; etc etc.

Unfortunately, this insularity was undermined by access to North American TV.

Now, b'ys, I be's gutfoundered, so I'se got me a dirty big feed o' lobscouse, luh.

December 19th, 2005  
Well, I have never been able to get past my belief (prejudiced though it may be) that all things great and good on this fine planet of ours MUST have originated in Scotland. So, I say Scotland.
December 19th, 2005  
england Duh p.s. Mightymacbeth cmon he cool give him good rep not bad
September 29th, 2007  
Miss Janis
I have no idea so I'm guessing England?