Pure Beautiful

Pure Beautiful
November 7th, 2011  

Topic: Pure Beautiful

Pure Beautiful
This is wild life at its best, shot by two English girls on a lake on river Shannon here in Ireland.

Thought Id brighten up your day with this vedio.


November 7th, 2011  

I have experienced it many times here in Denmark.
We call it Sort sol (Danish for "black sun").

Sort sol is a nature phenomenon in the marshlands in southwestern Jutland, Denmark, in particular in the marsh. Very large numbers of migrational starlings gather there in spring and autumn when they move between their winter grounds in southern Europe and their summer breeding grounds in Scandinavia and other countries near the Baltic Sea.

Sort sol takes place in the hours just after sunset. The birds gather in large flocks and form huge formations in the sky just before they decide for a location to roost for the night. The movements of the formations have been likened to kind of a dance or ballet and the birds are so numerous that they seem to obliterate the sunset, hence the term black sun. Sort sol in the marsh can occasionally comprise a formation with up to one million birds. Usually flocks break up when the number of individuals exceed about half a million birds due to excessive internal disturbances in the flock.

If a predator bird enters the flock, the starlings initiate a veritable bombardment with droppings and vomit that soil the feathers of the predator. In rare cases the sticky deposits may render the predator unable to stay airborne. Over 20 years, there have been two confirmed cases of young Northern Goshawks that drowned because the incident took place over water
November 8th, 2011  
Pure Beautiful
November 8th, 2011  
Perfect title. Beautiful and amazing video. Thanks for sharing.
November 9th, 2011  
Give me a call, black lab, a duck blind, and my shotgun. I'd be in pure hunting heaven.

I've seens that but with Florida Mallards, Blue Wing and Green Wing Teal ducks.
January 6th, 2012  
You would be a marks man with a bow and arrow. Or you could hit two birds with one stone

It does bring out the hippy in me though.
January 7th, 2012  
Wow! Great post.
January 11th, 2012  
I have see this before.

Just great.
January 25th, 2012  
This is beautiful! Is it a real photo with no effects applied to it, or is it edited in pdf editor or other program alike?
March 12th, 2012  
Originally Posted by BattleViola
This is beautiful! Is it a real photo with no effects applied to it, or is it edited in pdf editor or other program alike?

No edits. Just nature at its best.

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