Proud of your uniform/equipment?

December 16th, 2004  

Topic: Proud of your uniform/equipment?

Which part of your uniform/equipment are you most proud of (or to rephrase, has the most meaning for you?).

For me, it'd have to be my slouch hat, with rising sun hat badge.

How about you. I'm curious to know what part of peoples uniforms hold the most meaning.
December 16th, 2004  
Well...right now, I don't really have much that holds any meaning, aside from my Cap Brass (Same as in my pic). Mainly because it's the first emblem that I've worn outside of Cadets.

If I include Cadets, it would have to be my Pilot's Wings.
December 16th, 2004  
For my cadet uniform it would have to be my berret, been the only piece of equipment that has went everywhere and through almost everything in the cadets.
December 17th, 2004  
considering the navy is changing my uniform, I most certainly do not.
December 20th, 2004  

Topic: Mollie

Our new web gear it is what is called mollie
December 20th, 2004  
when i was in the cadets it was my top-of-the-range boots...god i love those beasts
December 21st, 2004  
C/2nd Lt Robot
Well, for my blues it would be my short sleeved one. It was the first thing they issued me. Man was I ticked when the dry cleaners left a huge crease on the back. So now I dont trust any civvie with my blues, not even my own mom. As far as my BDUs they would have to be my boots.
December 21st, 2004  

This photo shows a few different features to the SDAR uniform above. While the Officer Rank is worn on the shoulder, other ranks are worn on either the sleeve or the wrist.

The Shoulder Mokowaewae Sashes are traditional Army colours, black and red, and worn by all Senior Non Commissioned Officers (SNCOs). These Sashes are designed to give the uniform a NZ flair as most of our uniforms and accessories are based on our British ties, traditions and styles. While there are corps' affiliated sashes which can be worn on very special occasions, the black and red ones in this picture are "One Army".

The Sam Browne Belt and the Brown gloves worn by the soldier front right distinguish him as being a Warrant Officer.

The Hat badges and lapel badges worn by the group depict their corps, which in this case is Military Police. The Black belts worn by all individuals in the photo, with the exception of the Warrant Officer in the front, are the new "One Army" Belt which has the NZ Army Crest.

and a wee bit off topic but this is something that i was VERY proud of; when we brought back a NZ unknown soldier...the whole country stopped.

an lastly! the reputation that our 28th (maori) battalion had during WWII.
heres a nice quote in typical british officer style!

With a cheery farewell grin
they had marched off armed to
the teeth, festooned with
Spandaus, Schmeissers, Brens,
tommy-guns, carbines and the odd rifle.
I had never before seen such a
body of men so completely
armed with automatic weapons.
The Maori seemed to have a
natural aptitude for automatics.
Most of them could play a tune
on a tommy gun, and being rugged
specimens physically, the extra
weight did not greatly distress them.
They were a piratical looking crew,
swathed in greatcoats and balaclavas
topped by battered tin hats, creaking
in their harness with necklaces of Spandau
belts and bandoliers slung about them.
They had gone down to the road and
swung into a staggered formation with
an ominous clicking of cocking handles
and a bristle of gun barrels.